The amount of influence Bollywood movies have over us can really make us believe in things we should have never had. While we cannot completely blame Bollywood for it, it’s best to filter our thoughts a little of what we seek from these stories. Today, we compiled a list of times Bollywood movies gave us some horrible advice and were a bad influence on us. 

1. The whole idea to change yourself for someone to make you fall in love with them. 

The classic example of this is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Mai Hoon na. Nope, girl you don’t change yourself for someone to like you!

2. Romanticizing alcoholism in movies.

Bollywood for the longest time has romanticized toxic relationships and awful lovers. Now with that comes a huge consumption of alcohol. The standard example of this is Kabir Singh- instead of seeking help the movie glorifies alcoholism to such a level that many people started idolizing him. 

3. From Tere Naam to Raanjhanaa the idea to stalk someone to make them fall in love with you.

Nope. Portraying it as a sign of true love and forcing someone to fall in love with you is problematic. Nonetheless, just respect NO as an answer and move on. Because that’s how it works in real life. 

4. You cannot be a therapist and a lover at the same time!

Sure, Tamasha was a great love story but the fact that Ved needed professional help cannot be disguised. It goes the same with Aashiqui 2, you cannot treat alcoholism with love. It’s exhausting and you will end up ruining the relationship.

5. It’s also time we unlearn some stereotypes from Bollywood movies. 

Well, there’s a long list here- including misrepresentation of the LGBTQI community, all south Indians are Madrasis, relating terrorism to religion, and wait, read the whole list here. 

6. Though Mimi initiated the conversation about surrogacy in India, it also somehow romanticised motherhood. The movie tries to shame women who choose to have an abortion. 

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