Wedding season’s on, and we can’t stop gushing over the beautiful gestures people make on their special day to make it extraordinarily gorgeous. And more often than not, it’s the brides who add that unique dash. Be it their entry, their lehenga or their veil, they know how to make an impact!

This one bride made her wedding day extra beautiful, adding the sentiments to her day. To honour her late father’s memory, she got her father’s letter on her dupatta

Suvanya lost her father to cancer during the pandemic last year. To cherish the memories of her father, she decided to inculcate his love in her wedding. Her father had seen the lehenga she is seen wearing and chose it as the bridal outfit for his daughter, shortly before passing away. 

The bride asked her designer to add the handwritten letter that her father had given to her on her last birthday and turn it into an embroidered design on the edge of her veil. Adding excerpts from the letter that said, “From my heart to yours”, her dupatta turned into the best and most decorated thing of her bridal trousseau.

I really wanted to feel his presence at the wedding in a way that I can always hold on to, just like his letter.


In the video, she shared how her papa had beautifully crafted the letter, pouring his heart out on a paper for her. In fact, he carefully wrote the whole in two inks, black and blue, in order to make sure his daughter Suvanya likes the gift. 


The bride said that she got the letter framed and would read it all the time when things felt wrong. 

The wedding day of a bride is as special to her father as it is to her. And this beautiful father and daughter bond is something Suvanya reflected in her gesture that makes her homage special.


Suvanya’s wedding photos are doing rounds for another reason. Instead of going for the classic bridal ensemble that includes heavy jewellery as maangtika, necklace, nath and chura, she opted for a minimalist look. Ditching the embellishments, she chose to decorate herself with the special dupatta and flowers instead. 


We stan Suvanya’s wedding choices.