The last year was filled with many things. One of which was the returning fever of the show Money Heist. Though it’s a known fact that the show has a worldwide fanbase, desis are a whole other section of its audience. So when this photo of Esther Acebo AKA Stockholm from the Netflix show blew up online, Indians took note alright. 


As you can see, the photo shows the actor standing in front of a Lord Ganesha painting. According to reports, the photo is from an Instagram live session. Now you can imagine, this must’ve gotten desis all over the world to look twice.

And this isn’t the first time a Money Heist actor has pulled in the Indian audience. We all remember when Itziar Ituño (Lisbon) sang the Bollywood number Chunari Chunari while in conversation with News18, right? Even Sushmita Sen shared this adorable moment on her Twitter account. 

We love to see a bit of desi sprinkled everywhere!