It’s hard to escape from the feeling of love. Though it’s an amazing emotion, we humans tend to do a lot of questionable things for love. From smiling stupidly at your phone to exceedingly going out of our way for our partners- these are just a few common traits. But there’s so much more we do when we are smitten by love, and we have picked some of the craziest and wildest things people do. Read on. 

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1. “Changed how I dressed, the way I spoke, and even how I reacted emotionally to things simply because he ‘preferred’ it that way. I thought I was making him happy because I fell for the whole ‘I only want you to be this way because I love you and it’s best for you’ manipulation that looking back on, I can’t imagine I was so stupid as to believe.”


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2. “I was head over heels in love with this chick, but found out through a friend she didn’t find me attractive. I’d had my braces on for four years and my teeth were perfectly straight, so I figured it was time.”


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3. “Back before cellphones were the norm for kids, I called my crush on my home phone around midnight and chatted for a while. We decided, after some time, that I should sneak over to her house. Being 13, I couldn’t drive, so I snuck out and rode my bike almost an hour over to her house. By the time I got there, she was asleep. I ended up getting caught sneaking back into my house.”


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4. “Sold nearly everything I owned, quit my job, and moved 2000 miles to live with a woman I met online at a Yahoo Group for cat owners. Eight years later – still together.”


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5. “I bought a $300 bass guitar to impress a musically gifted girl I was dating, claiming I would teach myself how to play it. I think I ‘played’ it around 10-15 times and it now serves as a decorative piece in my bedroom.”


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6. “Stay in an emotionally abusive relationship with a cheater for 3 years because he was my first boyfriend and I didn’t want to be alone.”


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7. “Shaved my head. In high school, a girl I had a wicked crush on told me I’d look good with it shaved completely (it was already pretty short). Went home and shaved it to where I looked like Mr. Clean and went into school the next day and she didn’t even really notice. Kept it the rest of high school though, and had the nickname “ghandi.” Good times.”


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8. “Quit my studies to spend more time with my boyfriend, who I now realise was threatened by the fact I was achieving something he was not. Then he became abusive.”


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9. “I took out my nose ring and let the piercing heal up because the guy I was dating hated tattoos and piercings (he called it “mutilation”).”


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10. “Sacrificing a passionate sex life and organic chemistry because he fits everything else I need and I’m too logic of a person not to be with him.”


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11. “Tried to help my ex through alcoholism. He kept promising to try harder and do better, but still every night I’d be at home waiting for him, unable to get hold of him, not knowing where he was. Just for him to finally come home drunk in the middle of the night and start screaming and shouting about how I’m controlling and trying to change him.”


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12. “ALMOST signed a paper that entitled my first girlfriend to 50% of the hundreds of thousands of dollars my family would get from the military if I were Killed In Action… she dumped me a month later.”


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13. “Well, I thought it was love at the time. So I think it counts. Forgave her for cheating, then pushed on through three years of absolute bullshit. Looking at it now, this chick is probably the craziest person I’ve ever met. After all of that, I still refused to tell her how I felt because I don’t like hurting people’s feelings.”


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14. “Every time there was a slight chance to hang out with my ex-girlfriend, I would blow my friends off just in case. I would also go to the restaurant she worked at by myself a lot just to see her. I also went to church with her even though I don’t believe in organized religion. And I acted like a different person in general, even when she wasn’t with me I’d act all nice and innocent like she would like. About nine months later I realized I’d become a tool, and I was dating a crazy person.”


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15. “Cut my 8-week trip to China short to come home for him because he was struggling with me being away, should have realised that was his problem not mine a lot sooner.”


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16. “Simply devote all my love, time, and dedication to someone who didn’t give me the same. I became so naive. I did a lot of stupid things physically and mentally in hopes it would change. But never did. I listened with my heart….not logic. Oh yeah and got a tattoo partially because of him. Smart. Good thing I love it anyways!”


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