When International artists collaborate with music Industries across the world and produce songs, the results are often sensational. There’s something about the fusion of different flavours, cultures, and languages that’s enchanting, to say the least. Like, nobody could’ve imagined Akon, the first angrezi artist so many of us ever heard, would ever sing for a Bollywood movie. Yet, we find ourselves dancing to Chammak Challo at almost every party.  

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience

Over the years, several such cooperations have culminated in path-breaking tracks and here are 10 of our favourites –

1. Akon with Hamsika Iyer for ‘Chammak Challo’

Beginning with the obvious, the song Chammak Challo featured in Ra.One, starring SRK and Kareena Kapoor. The track was hit in an instant and still gets people to shake their legs whenever played.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience

2. Kylie Minogue with  Sonu Nigam, and Suzanne D’Mello for ‘Chiggy Wiggy’

While most people don’t remember the Akshay Kumar starrer film, Blue, the song ‘Chiggy Wiggy‘ is immortal. The creators approached Australian pop star Kylie Minogue for the English verses, and let’s just say, she understood her assignment very well.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience

3. Nick Jonas with King for his ‘Maan Meri Jaan’ (Afterlife) 

King’s Maan Meri Jaan was already on our playlists when he dropped this unexpected collaboration with India’s unofficial Jiju Nick Jonas, and people loved it.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience
Nick Jonas YouTube

4. Sia with Diljit Dosanjh for his ‘Hass Hass’

Last year, Warner Music India released a singer titled Hass Hass with Sia and Diljit Dosanjh. It immediately went viral. The way Sia sang Punjabi verses, one would almost not realise she’s not a native Punjabi speaker if they didn’t know it already. 

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience
Indian Express

5. Brett Lee with Asha Bhosle for ‘You’re The One For Me’

Here’s a lesser-known iconic duet. Okay, I know Brett Lee isn’t a singer, but it’d be a crime not to add him to the list. The song was written during the ICC Champions Trophy in India in 2006, in apparently 30 minutes. The track, along with its video, is all shades of wholesome.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience

6. Snoop Dogg with RDB & Akshay Kumar for ‘Singh Is Kinng’

Remember how Singh Is Kinng concludes? The best part of the film? Okay sorry, as ludicrous it was, it was entertaining.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience
ANI News

7. Tata Young for ‘Dhoom Dhoom’

Yes, Dhoom Machale was great but Tata Young’s Dhoom Dhoom remains unmatchable.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience
YouTube YRF

8. Yohani with Jubin Nautiyal & Surya Ragunaathan for ‘Manike’

After Yohani’s Manike Maga Hithe went viral all over the Internet, the Hindi version of the song soon released in the Bollywood movie Thank God. Thankfully, the makers approached the original Sri Lankan singer for the job, and she fulfilled it beautifully.

when foreign singers sang for Indian audience

9. Zayn Malik with Ahad Khan & Usama Ali for ‘Tu Hai Kahan’

When Zayn Malik collaborated with the Pakistani band AUR for a Hindi song, the resulting track did not know about any barriers. It was pure ART.

AUR YouTube

10. Ludacris with Manjit Rai, Nav Sembhi, & Sarb Sembhi for ‘Shera Di Kaum’

No Punjabi wedding is complete without it, is it?


Okay, I need to add all of them to my playlist. Toodles!