If I had a penny for each time Rannvijay gave us rib-tickling meme content then I would unquestionably be a Shark today. Shark Tank India might have not satisfied every pitcher on stage but it did give Rannvijay a whole new image (A better one? You decide).  

One thing that Rannvijay has surely invested in is memes on social media and we can’t thank him enough for the chuckles. So we have compiled the funniest Ranvijay moments in Shark Tank India that might have not guaranteed deals but do guarantee you giggles. 

1. Rannvijay offered an MBA course in upGrad to a Ph.D. holder. 

Apart from that the pitcher is also an electrical engineer and an alumnus of one of the world’s oldest universities. But, along with Rannvijay, we too have faith that an upGrad course will add a feather in the cap of this entrepreneur. 3 cheers!

2. Kudos to Rannvijay for bringing up the exact same reason AGAIN why the pitch was rejected. Kind of him to think that an upGrad course can heal the wound.

3. Rannvijay trolled himself in a live stream with Sharks, suggesting he’d be selling flyers outside the Shark Tank India judges’ finale party on February 4th.

4. When initially Rannvijay assumed that he’d be in charge of bringing ‘ubharte entrepreneurs’, but ended up being a meme icon for upGrad and Flipkart.


5. TV viewers of Shark Tank India would be oblivious to this, but Rannvijay hosts an interaction session with the entrepreneurs at the end of every episode and it’s everything ranging from nice to cringe-worthy.

6. When you have an All Sharks Deal and a crore of investment but Rannvijay reminds you of that one course you can’t do without. 

From Roadies to entrepreneurs ka Roadies, Rannvijay came a long way.