Koffee With Karan, the talk show which is the true definition of drama, dropped the first episode of the brand-new season last evening. Without a doubt, we all were super excited to witness the saucy rapid-fire round and fun-filled conversations.

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, the first guest duo on the show, spilled an extra dose of masala on the show. And now, we have decided to recall every bit of juicy gossip we learned from the first episode of the new season.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

1. Karan and Alia revealed that Ranveer always forgets the things happening around him as if he lives in another part of the planet.

I can see it. It happens every morning. In a good way, he’s the only one who truly appreciates your looks when you come on sets. He’s the only one.

2. From the way he hugs him and appreciates his fashion sense to asking the haters to leave his gudda alone, Ranveer is obsessed with Karan.

3. Alia spoke about how her family life is different with the Kapoors.

Alia confessed that her close-knitted small family never had any big celebrations or parties together. From eating to even doing poojas and aartis on video calls, the Kapoor family does everything together.

4. It was revealed that Ranbir is a traditionalist.

During their wedding, while Alia wanted to go out for a sunset photoshoot, Ranbir was listening to each and every word from pandit ji and even asked a few questions from him.

5. Ranveer has two totally different wardrobes. 

Yes, that’s right. He has a special wardrobe for when he visits his in-laws in Bangalore, which consists of white t-shirts and shirts along with blue jeans because he doesn’t want to throw them off.

6. Ranveer revealed that Ranbir came on the sets of Student Of The Year, in which his now-wife played the lead role, and jokingly said, “Should I marry her (Alia)?

7. Alia revealed how she and her now-husband weren’t supposed to sit together on their flight for a workshop, but anyway did. Ah, she legit manifested him!

It was not meant to happen. We were not supposed to be together on New Year’s. We both talked on our flight to Tel Aviv to do a workshop for Brahmastra. We both were seated together. I remember him walking in, and he was supposed to sit next to me, and I was very excited. But then he sat next to me, and something got stuck on his seat. There was some malfunction, so they were going to move him to another seat. And I was like, why is this happening, why is my dream getting shattered? But later, his seat got fixed, and he came back.

8. Ranbir and Alia’s proposal was nothing short a dream sequence. 

He didn’t tell anyone, carried the ring with him and picked a place that was close to both their hearts, Maasai Mara. Interestingly, he even asked their guide to capture their beautiful moment.

9. It was also disclosed that everyone, from her family to the host, cried a river when Alia made the entry to her wedding, even the groom.

I never thought I would see tears in Ranbir Kapoor’s eyes and his eyes had welled up and I kept staring at him and see he was crying.

-Karan Johar

10. Alia and Ranveer didn’t talk much on the sets of their movie Gully Boy.

In fact, these sakhis strengthened their bond while promoting the movie. They used to share cars and she realised that he’s a caring and sensitive person. They also bond well because they are both number 6’s and water signs.

11. Ranveer pushed Alia to do better during her dance sequence in Gangubai Kathiawadi.

Ranveer, being a Sanjay Leela Bhansali veteran, came on sets of Gangubai Kathiawadi when Alia was having cold feet for a dance sequence. Even before their shooting began, he sat her down and explained all the curve balls the director likes to throw at his actors.

12. Please welcome Pammi aunty, you all.

Ranveer has a hidden gossiping side, which is known as Pammi. From payscales and petty arguments to diamonds, Pammi loves to know everything. In fact, Pammi already knew what was in the hamper!

He is interested in everything!

-Karan Johar

13. Now, here comes the most interesting reveal- Ranveer is a great mimic artist.

He flawlessly mimicked Hrithik Roshan, Dharmendra, Varun Dhawan, Ajay Devgn, Aamir Khan and Kartik Aryan. Also, he has a bad habit of meeting people in their own way, which also landed him in trouble once.

14. Ranveer has a big box of unexpected experiences.

14. From celebrating suhagarat on his wedding night and having a quickie in the vanity van to having multiple sex playlists and bitchslapping a co-star in his head, the epic koffee bingo revealed that Ranveer has done a lot of interesting things in life.

15. While Ranveer has saved Deepika’s number as ‘Baby‘ with a babyface and pink hearts, Alia has saved Ranbir’s number as ‘Husband‘ with a heart. How cute!

16. From his obsession with asses and taking his diamond earrings from her mom to shopping for clothes from the women collection, Ranveer revealed a lot of things on the show.

17. Alia disclosed that the best compliment she has ever got for her work in Gangubai Kathiawadi was from Ibrahim Ali Khan. In a message, he wrote:

Had to remove the time to message you personally. I cannot believe this is the same lady, I learn from every time, you’re just phenomenal. You’re so so good as Gangu and seeing you as Rani and then watching this film, it’s safe to say you mould yourself effortlessly, like water taking shape of its container. So So good! Best actress in this country.

18. And finally, she confessed that her diamond ring is extremely special to her as it’s engraved with their relationship philosophy, which is obviously very close to their hearts.

This is just the beginning, we just can’t wait for other episodes of Koffee With Karan S7!

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