Do you remember the savage desi mother who went viral a few months back for comparing a Gucci belt worth ₹35,000 to a school belt? Well, she’s back again with her hilarious comebacks. 


In the new video clip, Anita Gupta is seen watching the popular TV serial Anupamaa. While she’s absolutely focused on watching the show, her daughter enters the room and calls her mother. 

Clearly, a very irritated mother responds, “Kya ho gaya? Do minute koi chain se baith bhi nahi sakta hain. Hum apna serial dekh rahe hain. Humko serial dekhne do shanti se.

Her daughter, Chabi, asks her, “Arre, mera extention cord ka kaam ho gaya hain. Kahan rakhe?

Then she serves the typical desi mom dialogue, “Mere sarr pe.”

Well, then her daughter actually followed her mothers’ command and her mother responded with a warm smile.

Needless to say, the cute video clip has already garnered 279k views and 22k likes. Apart from this, netizens poured their feelings into the comments.

You can watch the entire clip here:

Well, what can we say? Desi mothers are savage AF!

PS: Don’t try this with your mother at home.

Note: All images are taken from the video clip.