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Being an introvert pushing 30, my favourite trick for every party is to not go. That way you get to curl up on the sofa to scroll through Insta stories of those who went and judge their dance moves. But every once in a while, my 5-minute extroverted mood takes over and I regret missing out on a reeeally amazing event.

Just like the #SmoothestMegaParty that happened in Bengaluru for the launch of the new Heineken® Silver in India.

The stellar event is all anyone can talk about so we had to find out what the big deal was. Until last week, all we knew was that some of the new age social media influencers like Karan Tacker, Krishna Shroff, Jordindian, BeYouNick, and Apoorva Arora, disappeared in thin air on their respective Instagram feeds. Well turns out, they were all getting ready to attend this kickass launch event in Bengaluru.

Yes, it was the launch of the unexpectedly smooth Heineken® Silver. But by the end of it, the event turned out to be a paradise for every millennial and Gen Zer attending, filled with exciting engagement zones and a dynamic fusion of music, tech, and immersive experiences! Don’t worry, I am spilling all the deets on the party highlights so you can wallow in regret with me. 

Apparently, the majestic UB Tower (which was the venue btw!) was turned into a canvas for a breathtaking projection mapping display featuring stunning art and graphics. In this, the audience got to see a spaceman groove to some of the sickest beats by iconic musicians. I am trying to convince myself that it wasn’t as much fun as I am imagining it to be. Oh look, we have a picture too!

And this is not even the best part!. Apart from this, there was a lit VR zone with cutting-edge Oculus hardware which transported the audience to a state-of-the- art Silververse; an LED bar soaking the dance floor in trippy hues of blues, greens, and reds; and finally a projection selfie zone where the crowd was introduced to a mind-boggling phenomenon of witnessing their faces get projected onto the huge facade of the UB Tower. Did I mention it was magical?

For this special occasion, the brand also designed and put on display Heineken® Kicks which are their signature style silver-infused sneakers. All the sneakerheads joined in with celebrities Nikhil Chinapa and Jordindian to collectively swoon over the collection. 

Heineken is known worldwide to come up with the most exciting campaigns and experiences for beer lovers. And this time with the #SmoothestMegaParty the brand really outdid itself.

I know you’re sad too on having missed the opportunity of attending this spectacle of an event. Well don’t be, because word has it that the Silververse is headed to MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai on November 5! So you can legit redeem yourselves, because I know I will. And while you gear up for this mega party, don’t forget to get your hands on the new Heineken® Silver.

You can follow Heineken® Silver’s journey on the brand’s official Instagram handle.

Have you experienced the smoooothness yet?