You know how obsessed desis are with drawing comparisons, right? Think of a newborn, the moment he takes his first breath, some papa-ke-bhai-ke-behen-ke-pati will declare that the infant resembles him.

Similarly, House Of Dragons, the sister series of Game Of Thrones is the new kid on the block and desis have rushed to make a correlation already. 

So netizens have made a wild assumption that Paddy Considine AKA King Viserys Targaryen…

… looks like *drumrolls* Akshay Kumar.

Orissa Post

Okay, so if is hard for you to digest then here’s someone who has made a video with the two faces basically being the same. 

Netizens are stunned by this startling similarity, and honestly, so are we.


It’s time to ‘dracarys’ everyone who plugs in Akshay Kumar in literally everything.