The news about Harry Potter rebooting as a series twenty years later has met with divided reactions. Some hardcore Potterheads don’t want to risk its legacy, while others are excited and hope all the missed-out portions from the book are actually covered this time. Like Neville’s story, the Gaunt family history, and so much more.

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Harry potter order
Members of the original Order of the Phoenix | Pinterest

Although we can’t say anything about the series presently, we can speak of our favourite internet trend, AI art. From imagining countries as women to developing images of famous personalities from the past taking selfies, the Internet can’t stop lauding artists for their unique ideas and super-realistic creations. This time, an artist thought, what if Pixar made Harry Potter films?

Redditor u/the_Champion shared their overwhelmingly impressive AI-generated images of the Pixar Harry Potter characters on the Reddit community r/midjourney. Take a look.

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter AI art pixar movie

2. Ron Weasley

If harry potter was a pixar movie animated Ron Weasley AI

3. Hermione Granger

Hermionie Granger animated harry potter

4. Professor Dumbledore

If Harry Potter was a Pixar movie

5. Lord Voldemort

This Voldemort is cute Voldemort. I can’t imagine him saying, Avada Kedavra. EVER.

AI art Voldemort Harry Potter

6. Luna Lovegood

Ahh! Precious.

Luna Lovegood harry potter animated

7. Rubeus Hagrid

Meet our favourite gameskeeper.

Hagrid harry potter animated

8. Severus Snape

Severus snape pixar version of harry potter characters

9. Draco Malfoy

Malfoy pixar version

10. Dobby – The Free Elf

Baby Yoda?

Dobby - The Free Elf Harry Potter animated

Now, wouldn’t you want a Pixar version of Harry Potter? These characters look so cute that we can’t imagine them battling in the Second Wizarding War. Perhaps, that is why we want to watch them doing so all the more. Naturally, people on Reddit also love the work. They think it’s adorable, perfect, and so Pixar-like.