We live in a society where women and men are confined to behave, dress, and live in a certain way. Not to mention, the passion and profession one chooses come with gender constraints too! But you could say our society is substantially evolving. 

Why, you ask? A lot of Indian men on Instagram are trying to break gender stereotypes and have a conversation about gender roles in our society.  

Here are a few influencers who are not hazed by society’s opinion and are living their lives unapologetically!  

1. Ankush Bahuguna

It all started with some random grooming hacks. From giving tips to conceal dark circles to doing some kick-ass eye makeup, Ankush has come a long way. The Delhi-based content creator started documenting his journey as a make-up artist and created an official account, Wing It With Ankush. He also creates some funny and humorous content when not doing make-up videos.

2. Siddharth Batra

Siddharth Batra’s account is a perfect place to hop when you are looking for some unconventional fashion style. He attempts to make clothing more inclusive that goes beyond gender binaries. With the #guybeauty, Siddharth shares skin-care and makeup content.  

3. Jainil Mehta

Jainil Mehta is an Indian choreographer who went viral recently. In his Instagram series, #MenInSkirts, Jainil aims to make clothing more inclusive and normalize men wearing skirts. Jainil is often seen twirling in Bollywood music, and his moves will surely blow your mind. 

4. Sarbajit Sarkar

Talk about creativity and fashion you will land on Sarbajit’s Instagram. He goes by #VillageFashionInfluencer and recreates celebrity looks, wait, there’s more to it. The looks are created by locally sourced clothes and materials. Indeed his creativity left us all impressed.

5. Shantanu Dhope

Shantanu Dhope is famous for his fierce and colourful makeup looks. He goes by the bio, “brown boys wear makeup too”. Not to mention, his dazzling eye-make-up will keep you hooked on his profile.

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