Actor Sonu Sood recently shared a video that landed him in a soup with the railway authorities and even his fans. The internet was not pleased with the actor’s actions. Some even asked him to be more careful with his actions. This comes as a first because the actor is always hailed by his fans for his philanthropy.

Sonu Sood took to his social media platforms to share a candid video of himself. The actor can be seen sitting at the door of a moving train. He holds on to the handles and peeks outside to enjoy the breeze from the moving train.

Some fans hailed him for finding happiness in the smallest of things, while others called this “stunt” dangerous. Things escalated when the video reached the railway authorities and they issued a warning.

Here’s what the railways said.

The video has fetched over 621K likes and 2.9 million views on Instagram. On Twitter, the video has over 548.6K views. Here’s what netizens have to say about this video.

The railways have issued multiple warnings, time and again, to forbid people from travelling and peeking out from the footboards of a moving train because it can be dangerous.