Being a mother is not an easy task. It’s a struggle to strike a balance between being a mother and having a career. Not forgetting the fact that once a mother starts working, everyone has an opinion about her and they do not fail to shove it down her throat.

And for women who return to work just after giving birth, it is even more difficult. These 12 celebs have opened up about the struggles of returning back to work after childbirth, and how they had to change certain things after childbirth. All of this just goes on to prove how the world is, truly, unkind to women.

1. Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma gave birth to Vamika in January 2021. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Sharma said,

I don’t think people understand the life and emotions of a working mother, because the world is so male-dominated. I wish women received more support in their workplaces. While I know many men who are kind and empathetic towards women, the work culture itself can be so tough. I wish we collectively paid more attention to how nurturing a child is important for the world at large.

2. Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia has two children. She has spoken about coping with ‘working mom guilt’. In an interview, she said

It feels great but initially, you are struck only with guilt, the kind you have never known before. You constantly feel ‘Oh my God! What is my child doing?’ When you are with your child, you are like ‘I must cope with work, because I am a workaholic.’

3. Malaika Arora
Speaking to Humans of Bombay, Malaika recalled how people often told her that motherhood would end her career. And that only made her want to prove them wrong. But on the flip side, it made her guilty for not spending enough time with her son.

Knowing that I could juggle motherhood & work empowered me. In fact, I said yes to Karan for Kaal Dhamaal a year after delivery! But I had ‘working mom’ guilt. So, I maximized my time with Arhaan.

4. Lara Dutta
The former Miss Universe had taken a sabbatical after the birth of her daughter because motherhood was her priority. In an interview, she said,

“When Saira was born, being with her through her early years was my priority. So, my choices of roles became hugely judged on that parameter. It had to be worth leaving Saira and going to work.”

5. Sameera Reddy
Sameera Reddy often shares the most real parts of motherhood on her social media. The actress once spoke about how she battled post-partum depression. Being a working mother in showbiz comes with its own set of drawbacks and Sameera highlighted them when she said,

I disappeared because I didn’t have the strength to be judged by the world after all the years of being glam and fit on screen. But the beautiful part is that you can only hit your lowest low to know you can absolutely climb out of that hole. It’s a fight. A hard one.

6. Kareena Kapoor
Kareena has always jumped back into work after both her pregnancies. But as a mother, she has incorporated some changes in her work. In an interview, she once revealed,

My entire day revolves around the kids, at least on days that I am not working. I am focused on what they are doing, setting up Taimur’s classes, dividing my time between both of them, and figuring out my own nap times according to when my younger one falls asleep. 

7. Kalki Koechlin
Kalki has a daughter and she has spoken at length about her pregnancy in her book, The Elephant in The Womb. Speaking about how her career changed after motherhood, Kalki said,

It’s very hard to balance the two, and not suffer from ‘mom guilt’ no matter which way you go. If you spend too much time at home, you feel bad about your work, and if you spend too much time at work, you feel bad about your child.

8. Celina Jaitly
Now living in Austria, Celina Jaitly revealed how she often feels guilty about travelling to work while leaving her children behind. In an interview, she said,

Like most working moms, I also experienced immense mom guilt returning to a career that I’d built for years. Being a working mother, one has to always work very hard at striking a balance.

9. Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor welcomed her son via surrogacy in 2019. Speaking to Film Companion, she said,

I have a lot of guilt even now. I don’t know how it just comes. I think the first thing you feel as a mother is guilt. I don’t think anyone will say that so openly. I am at work, I am feeling guilty; I am at home, there’s a lot of guilt that I am not completing a lot of things that I used to normally do. So, it’s like you are only dealing with various kinds of guilt.

10. Juhi Chawla
There was a time when Juhi Chawla had to hide her marriage because she was at the peak of her career. The former Miss India has two children and she juggles between her kids and her career. In an interview, she said, 

From my side, I always try to ensure that my shooting schedule is in Mumbai, or if I am going outstation, someone is there at home, so that they are never left alone. I would also make sure that the shooting schedule outdoors is not more than 10 days at a stretch so that I could visit my kids and see them. It is not like they wanted me to come, but it was me.

11. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
The former Miss World received a lot of flak for putting on weight after the birth of her daughter – something that is totally normal. She has always managed work and family. In an interview, she made it clear by stating,

From the time I was 18, I’ve been juggling many responsibilities. My day begins at 5.30 am. It has been that way from the time I remember. Of course, after Aaradhya my priorities have changed completely. She comes first, everything else is secondary.

12. Rani Mukerji
Another actor who struggled with the guilt of leaving her child at home is Rani Mukerji. Speaking at a conclave in Singapore, Rani said

I was like going through emotions of guilt and emotions of being scared as a mum that what would happen to my child that I’m leaving behind. So the film had to be really, really special for me to be able to leave my baby home and go to the film set.

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