Whether we accept it or not, we low-key love weddings. Maybe just for the food but we do. 

While we all need our family by our side on the big day, it would feel absolutely incomplete without our friends. Who else is going drink with you till the end of the night? Or end up doing those Naagin dance moves?

Sadly, Omicron has taken us back to the state where social events have become a little out-of-reach. Exceedingly long list of guests have been cut short and the ones who couldn’t make it to the event, were virtually present.  

In such a set of circumstances, how would you feel if you had to miss your friend’s wedding?  

We’ll feel exactly how comedian Kanan Gill is feeling about absenting himself from Kenny’s wedding.

Film Companion

Comedian Kenny Sebastian recently tied the knot with his girlfriend Tracy Alison. The private ceremony in Goa was attended by close friends and family. Popular comedians like Abish Mathew, Prashasti Singh, Kumar Varun and Akash Gupta were present at the wedding. 

But his fellow comedian and friend, who couldn’t be there, made his “absence known”. 

In his latest Instagram post, Gill edited himself into the couple’s picture and wrote: “Wonderful time at the wedding. I love you both,” he wrote in the caption. 

And Kanan wasn’t done with just that post so he shared a little something on his Instagram story too. It goes without saying that the comedian chose to opt for some dark humour but added a cute little finger heart to it. You known like a pink bow on a ghost. 


I would probably do the same (of course after crying a bucket ) if I had to miss my BFF’s wedding.