Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor recently appeared together on the second episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7. The internet celebrated Sara Ali Khan, just as the Koffee jury, for her brutally honest and relatable answers.

Her Zindagi

Tagged as the “Cheapskate”, Sara proudly spoke about not being one to splurge on frivolous things. Here are some of her most relatable moments from the episode.

1. Sasti shaadi

During the Rapid Fire segment of the show, Karan Johar asked Sara: “Whose Bollywood wedding aesthetic had you going for your own shaadi goals?”


Sara Ali Khan’s answer was not any different from that of Janhvi Kapoor. She said, “I agree, I think Alia-Ranbir’s was great. I think also they did not have to spend too much money which I like. They did not have to go abroad and all. Just their balcony. How cute. I would also do that.” 

On Janhvi Kapoor’s objection on Sara calling the wedding “cheap”, Johar added, “I don’t think that’s the reason they got married on the balcony.” To this, Sara added, “That’s the reason I liked it.”

Us too, Sara, us too.

2. Cutting lines because kaun itna wait kare?

Janhvi called Sara a “cool girl” for her line-cutting tricks at Disneyland and we all relate to the sentiment. It was refreshing to see how the star did not care about appearing a certain way and owned up to something everyone does.

All of us should stay in lines but do we want to?

3. Being anxious about the lockdown


She seemed in-touch with her privilege while also talking about the struggle of being a young person building a career and being hit by a lockdown.

4. Being hilariously bad on dating apps

The rhyming made everyone laugh and is a true reflection of being on dating apps.

5. Swearing off dating but not really

After her last appearance lead to a whirlwind romance with Love Aaj Kal 2 co-star Kartik Aaryan, Sara tried to keep the name of her co-stars off her lips.


However, she ultimately failed and caved under the pressure. She named Arjun Reddy star Vijay Devrakonda as her crush.


We have all been against dating until we develop a crush.

6. Being a “cheapskate”

She even proudly flaunted the label during her Koffee Bingo.


7. On being unabashedly herself

Sara Ali Khan is known to be a real and relatable person. She does not put on a persona that appears manufactured.


On being asked by Johar if she had “a giant f*ck it moment”, Sara bravely answered, “I was born like that. I’ve always done what I like, do what you like”

8. Being classy while shading an ex

We have all thrown shade at our exes in private settings even if we appear cordial publicly. It’s human nature and some of them truly deserve it. Sara is no different!


She left Karan and Janhvi speechless by her response on being asked why her ex is her ex. She even gave us another relatable moment by saying that her biggest regrettable move in a relationship was being in it.


9. Maa sab jaanti hai

Johar asked Sara, during her Rapid Fire, if she takes important decisions in her family.


Her hilarious response was “have you met my mother?”. She is known to be honest about her family dynamic and this answer was no different. Maa ke haath me sab hota hai, truly.

10. The exceptional circumstances of rebounding


On being asked if she would hook up with her ex, she said, “The correct answer is yes…the correct answer is maybe…under exceptional circumstances.”

We have all been there, Sara.

Her most relatable moment was the sisterhood and girl code that she shared with her couch buddy Janhvi Kapoor.


The girls showed how sisters before misters is the best way to go and how friendship triumphs everything…even near death situations where you’re hanging from mountains.

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