From being an actor, to a meme icon, to a DJ, Bobby Deol, now known as Lord Bobby, can do it all. Here, we take a look at his top films, ranked according to IMDb.

1. Love Hostel- 7.3

Love Hostel is Bobby Deol’s latest release where he plays the villain, Vijay Singh Dagar. The movie deals with inter-faith marriage and honour killings. Deol definitely aced his role in this film.

2. Gupt: The Hidden Truth- 7.3

This is one of the best thrillers that Bollywood has ever created, and no other opinion will be accepted. The suspense keeps you gripped and the final plot twist will rattle your brain for a second. No wonder it is considered one of Bobby Deol’s best films.

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3. Humraaz- 6.5

Just like other Abbas-Mustan films, Humraaz is a thriller too. The film had plenty of plot twists and left me with trust issues later. Bobby Deol plays a rich businessman with the most cliched name in Bollywood, Raj Singhania, and left me pleasantly surprised.


4. Ajnabee- 6.4

This movie is another amazing thriller that keeps you hooked till the end. The dialogue “Everything is planned” is still etched in my brain. Also, who can forget the iconic song “Mehbooba mehbooba,” this movie blessed us with?

5. Soldier- 6.3

This movie introduced me to Bobby Deol. As a kid, I was a fan of the movie’s soundtrack. Deol plays Major Vijay Malhotra in this above-average thriller. The highlight for me was his all-black look and his chemistry with Preity Zinta.

6. Tango Charlie- 6.1

This 2005 film was directed by Mani Ratnam, and Bobby Deol played the lead as a BSF personnel. The movie shows his character’s journey through different major events like insurgency and the Gujrat Riots. Deol did a commendable job when it came to displaying his acting skills.


7. Apne- 6.1

Apne was a 2007, sports-drama film that starred the Deol men- Dharmendra, Sunny, and Bobby. Bobby Deol plays a musician turned boxer. The film is rich in family drama and melodramatic moments. 

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8. Class of ’83- 5.8

This movie is based on crime journalist, Hussain Zaidi’s book of the same name. It is set in the 1980s and Bobby Deol plays the lead role of police officer Vijay Singh, who has been posted as the dean of a police academy. The film becomes predictable but Deol does a great job as an upright man who has been wrongfully punished.

9. Yamla Pagla Deewana- 5.8

The film is a comedy and some jokes are a hit while the others fall flat. The 2011 film’s title is inspired by Dharmendra’s famous song, “Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana.

10. Barsaat- 5.6

This 1995 film marked the debut of Bobby Deol and Twinkle Khanna. Both actors won the Filmfare awards for Best Debut. The film is a simple love story with action mixed in.

Which one of these is your favourite Bobby Deol film? Let us know.