Tabu, an actor who is defined by her grace and brilliant acting skills has always been quite a private person. And yet, in this particular episode of Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, she opened up about being raised by her grandparents, finding a career in acting and understanding herself better. 

Here are 13 things we learnt about Tabu in her chat with Simi Garewal:

1. When we got to see a very humble and elegant side of Tabu as she spoke of Gulzar’s bias towards her when he hailed her to be the start of a new era. 

2. When she revealed that she never considered becoming an actor and didn’t even watch films. Despite the fact that her aunt, Shabana Azmi and sister, Farah Naaz were a part of the industry, she was too invested in her education to think about acting. 

3. When she shared that despite it all, she is in love with acting. 

4. When she spoke of how she doesn’t feel the need to please people anymore. 

5. When she revealed that there is very little that is required of a woman in the industry, and that is sadly the truth. She just has to dance, and wear the clothes that people want to see her in, at least that is the excuse producers, directors, distributers give them. 

6. When she shared some beautiful words of wisdom about finding yourself in an industry where you constantly pretend to be other people on-screen. 

7. When Tabu spoke about what we were all thinking, why are women never cold in Bollywood song sequences? With a sprinkle of gender pay gap, Tabu style. 

8. When she revealed that actresses are taught to be against each other and told that they will always be rivals. 

9. When she revealed that she never felt the need to take her fathers name, and had no memories of him since her parents divorced when she was 3. She shared that even though her sister has met him, she felt no need to go and seek him. 

10. When she spoke of how differently men look at her because of her upbringing. And how she was raised by women who essentially, did not need men. 

11. When she delved into her special relationship with Gulzar and shared how he wants to do her kanyadaan

12. When she spoke of her past relationships with such grace and maturity. 

13. When she was asked about being linked with co-stars and shared how painful it was when stories that were blatantly lies were written about her. 

Tabu is and always will be a true icon. 

Watch the full interview here
All images are screenshots from the show on YouTube.