BTS, the globally popular Korean band, may appear to others as simply another artist, but they are so much more to their fans. They are unabashedly real, and their music has gone beyond entertainment to become a source of solace for many fans.

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Apart from their meaningful songs and spectacular performances, what sets them apart is their exceedingly down-to-earth demeanour.

Today, we’ve put together a list of a few instances that highlight why the septet has millions of fans across the globe.

1. When Suga saved Korean YouTuber Jihoon’s life. 

At the time, the YouTuber was a trainee at Big Hit, and he stated that he was sick one day. When Suga found out, he called a taxi to take Jihoon to the hospital. He even paid for his IV infusions, medications, and other necessities.

2. When Jimin’s visit to an orphanage brought smiles.

Back in 2017, Jimin spent his day off at an orphanage and even performed a few brief performances to cheer the kids there. 

3. When Suga stayed at the dorm for J-Hope.

When J-Hope was sick and couldn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve with his family back in the trainee days, Suga came to their dormitory to stay with him. 

4. When V ensured the safety of a female journalist. 

Recently, V checked if a female reporter was hurt while returning from a concert. She nearly collided with a pillar while filming the singer at the airport.

5. When Suga kept his word to ARMY. 

At a fan signing event in 2014, Suga asked the ARMY what they wanted to eat. He assured them that whenever he made enough money, he would throw a meat party for them. Later, he donated Korean Hanwoo beef to 39 orphanages in the name of ARMY, along with signed copies of BTS’ CDs.

6. When Jungkook helped the crew at an award show.

Jungkook assisted the busy crew by coiling wires for them during the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards. He tidied up the electrical lines for the cameramen and staff, making sure they weren’t tangled.

7. When V was ready to give a child his meal.

V showed his caring attitude towards others at the Bon Voyage shows. A child approached him in a restaurant, asking for the stickers on his burger box. V assumed the boy was asking for the burger, so he handed up the entire package without hesitation. But when the boy pointed to the sticker, V noticed it and gave it to him.

8. When Suga wrapped gifts for fans on his birthday. 

The rapper gave gifts and handwritten notes to fans who came out to support him on his birthday in 2014. Again, on his birthday the following year, he wrapped polaroid photos and letters for ARMY. 

9. When Jungkook advised fans to “come dressed in layers”.

BTS recently conducted its first offline concert in Seoul in nearly two years. After the first day, Jungkook posted to Instagram to remind fans to layer up because it was cold. He also urged them to carry gloves and heat packs.

10. When Suga was considerate towards a delivery guy. 

As it was a rainy day, the K-pop star advised an Indian delivery person not to rush. He even told him that it didn’t matter how late he arrived.

11. When Jungkook ensured that the ARMYs were comfortable.

Jungkook, the group’s maknae, once turned his heater around towards the fans during an outdoor event in the winter. He is an absolute gentleman.

12. When RM comforted an ARMY. 

Kim Namjoon comforted an ARMY who was crying during a fan signing event. She revealed that she had been hospitalised previously due to depression and that the band’s song I Need You had given her the mental strength to recover. Reportedly, the rapper reassured her that just being able to attend the event was an accomplishment in itself. He also stated that everybody has their ups and downs and that the most important thing was to move ahead.

13. When Jin showed that he was the best Hyung.

When the group was posing for the cameras, V stumbled on his own feet during the 34th Golden Disk Awards’ red carpet event. After he tripped, Jin purposefully dropped to his knees to help him feel less humiliated about what had happened.

14. When J-Hope showed why he is called “Sunshine”.

In a Weverse Q&A video, J-Hope showed absolute goodness. BTS members were asked whether they would wake up the Hare if they were the Tortoise in the story “The Tortoise and the Hare”. The majority of the members opted not to wake up the hare. J-Hope, on the other hand, was the only one who claimed he’d wake the Hare up. I would wake up the hare. It’s best if we could both win together,” he said when asked the question.  

The BTS boys are genuinely incredible, and that’s the reason why millions of fans adore them.