A good date goes a long way in making up a good relationship. 

First dates are for the nerves, fifth dates for the charm; surprise dates help rediscover passion, and regular date nights keep the romance alive.  

Yes, dates definitely help build the romance quotient in a relationship.


But while we wait for great real life dates, certain reel life dates have already raised our romantic expectations, and turned our hearts to mush in the process. 

So here are some of the best dates from Hollywood movies that had us swooning throughout the scene.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You – Paintball date

An incredibly playful, fun and adorable date has to be the paintball date from 10 Things I Hate About You. The fun chemistry between Patrick (Heath Ledger) and Kat (Julia Stiles) is only amplified by the setting of the date. 

Heath Ledger has had my heart since the time I saw him sing ‘I love you baby’ in this movie and this whole date defines playful, teenage love. 

2. Titanic – Dance date on the lower decks

Titanic definitely takes the spot as one of the most romantic movies ever made. When Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) asks Rose (Kate Winslet) if “she wants to go to a real party?”, her tentative nods says it all. Dancing with abandon, to the beats of makeshift drums and new dance steps – dating goals!

“I don’t know the steps”, “Neither do I – just go with it.” He helps her learn impromptu dancing, she teaches him what ballet really is and we are the ones schooled in the art of love!

3. Wall E – Impromptu Gondola ride

Yes they were inanimate characters, who could not even speak, but Wall-E and Eve’s romance in this movie can easily go down as one of the greatest romances ever. And the scene where Wall-E braves murky waters to take Eva on a Gondola ride? Talk about chivalry!

Even when Eve (or as Wall-E calls her, Eva) does not respond initially, the movie shows that patience is where true love blossoms the most. 


4. Notting Hill – Meeting the friends

A love story between a famous star and a nobody (though when has a nobody looked as good as Hugh Grant) is perfect chick flick material. 

The date where Will (Hugh Grant) takes Anna (Julia Roberts) to his little sister’s birthday dinner, that ends with his ‘whoopsy daisy’ attempt of climbing inside a private park, is filled with tiny little perfect moments, that are only elevated by the excellent background score.  

5. Hitch – Jet Ski Date

Everything that can go wrong seems to go wrong in this date, and yet Hitch (Will Smith) definitely had us falling in love just as swiftly as Sarah (Eva Mendes). So, though the man knocked you off a jet ski, he did dive in to save you and then took you for a private island tour. 

There is something about a man going the extra mile, that even when it seems to be going wrong, the effort makes you feel oh-so-good! 

6. Pitch Perfect – A musical education

Technically this may not fall under the category of a date; but in our opinion Jesse (Skylar Astin) was definitely scaling new dating goals with this scene.

Introducing Becca (Anna Kendrick) to legendary movie soundtracks, while making himself comfortable in her territory, definitely throws off the guards that anti-social Becca has, and we know her heart (and our) has melted a little at his unavoidable cuteness. 


8. Dirty Dancing – Lover boy dance ritual 

Baby and Johny’s romance is the stuff classic tales are made of. Reminiscent of a Bollywood romance in parts, this is a love story that always leaves you wanting more! 

But after finally succumbing to the passion and love they have for each other, Baby (Jennifer Grey) defies her father and sneaks in for fun, romance and ‘dancing lessons’ with Johny (Patrick Swayze) only to be interrupted by Baby’s prospective husband. One scene and so much love and drama! 

9. Crazy, Stupid, Love – Recreating Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing was a success because those moves worked. And nothing proves that better than the moment when Jacob (Ryan Gosling) deconstructs his fail-safe dating ritual to Hannah (Emma Stone). 

I am not sure if it’s Ryan Gosling, the music, the cocktail or the original move that is the secret to success for why this scene works, but it works – every single time! 


10. Sleepless in Seattle – Finally Meeting at The Empire State Building

When you have kids, dating can be difficult. Or so I thought, till I saw Sleepless in Seattle, where a young kid plans the perfect date for his father, who he confesses on the radio is ‘lonely’. Technically, this is not a date, but this scene defines love at first sight!

The scene comes right at the end of the movie, and that one look that Annie (Meg Ryan) and Sam (Tom Hanks) share, is enough to convince you that some love stories are definitely destined to happen. 

11. Before Sunrise – Listening Booth

Come to think of it, this whole movie is a glorious date in the making. But the scene where Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) cosy up in the tiny listening booth to listen to a record together is adorable. 

Packed with enough love quotient that you end up with sappy looks, this scene uses no dialogues but their expressions say it all. First date goals! 

12. Roman Holiday – The Spanish Steps

A royal princess looking for love is a classic tale of romance that has been recreated many times but The Roman Holiday holds an original magic. 

When Joe (Gregory Peck) ‘accidentally’ bumps into Ann (Audrey Hepburn) on the Spanish Steps, and convinces her to ”live a little dangerously”, she ends up spending the day with him. This apparently impromptu date turns out to be more perfect than dates that take months of planning.

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13. Little Manhattan – The first kiss

Remember the first date that you ever went to with the first crush you ever had? Just like in Little Manhattan, parents may have accompanied you, you would have spent ages trying to just hold onto her hand and ended the night with the most chaste kiss. 

But there is something about the age where romance is still naive and natural that gets recreated in this date, making it a heart warming experience. 

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14. 13 going on 30 – Night on the swings

Childhood memories make us nostalgic, and sharing them with childhood best friends make us light hearted. Razzles, swings and simple conversation makes this scene from 13 going on 30 a perfect date. 

Although both Jenna (Jennifer Garner) and Matt (Mark Ruffalo) don’t consciously indulge in dating, the chemistry in this scene is hard to miss, something that they catch on to themselves when they jump from the swings and right into each other’s arms to kiss! *Sigh.* 

15. The Holiday – The date after the sex

Alcohol and good looking men do help you shed clothes faster than you can remember, but the dates that come after that one night of good sex can be awkward. But turning the awkward into awesome is what happens when Graham (Jude Law) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) go on their first date. 

When something that looks like a job interview turns into funny conversations, genuine smiles, great company and good food, you know there is nothing missing from this picture perfect date.

16. A Walk to Remember –  Date night of wishes

Romances that fight against time are always bittersweet. But when a young boy goes out of his way to give you a date night that fulfills all your wishes, is there anything more romantic? 

Which is why we cringe when our boyfriend forgets to even pick flowers because we saw how Landon (Shane West) managed to even fulfill Jamie’s (Mandy Moore) wish of being at two places at one time!


17. The Lady and The Tramp – Lunch date

Any classic date has to include good food because let’s face it, food will always be our first love. This adorable Disney classic is a perfect example of how, if your girl loves your favorite eating joint, you know she’s the one. 

The way Tramp takes Lady to a candlelit dinner at Tony’s, taking help of his friends while showing her the ‘special entrance’ to the restaurant, and sharing a plate of spaghetti together, is as real and romantic as it gets. 


18. Pretty Woman – Date at the Opera

He has no need to take her to the opera, she has no need to work hard to make him smile, they don’t have to fall in love – but they do! 

The dress, the setting, the emotions – there was nothing missing from this date. And even before the scene starts, I knew I was going to fall in love with this scene, or as Vivian (Julia Roberts) says to Edward (Richard Gere) , “If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight”. 

19. 50 First Dates – Repeated 50 times, still as epic

Has anyone ever loved someone as strongly as Henry (Adam Sandler) loved Lucy (Drew Barrymore) in this movie? He woos her every day, by recreating the perfect date. Sometimes he fails, sometimes he wins, but always, he loves! 

They don’t make men like him anymore… they don’t make love like this anymore.

20. A Cinderella Story – The perfect prom date

Prom is not a concept that Indian schools are familiar with, but we’ve all tried to share the dance floor with our crush on the last ‘farewell party’. 

However, finding your secret internet lover and figuring them out through 20 questions, and ending a romantic dance with a dash across the dance floor – this is our favorite childhood fairy tale in a wholly realistic setting! 


And here I am still waiting for a text back. 

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