No desi wedding is complete without a night of no-holds-barred dancing. You know the one night where you kick off those heels, literally, and sway to the beats. And of course, plan performances and compete in a ladkiwaale vs ladkewaale dance competition. 

And this wedding season, try swapping ghungroo and tareefan with old classics like these: 

1. Say Shava Shava

While over half of the songs from K3G’s soundtrack are ideal for a sangeet playlist, Say Shava Shava definitely needs to be included. Because what better way to begin the night than by singing roop hai tera sona, sona!

2. Bole Chudiyan

The song that convinced us that shararas were the perfect wedding attire, and had us practicing the hook step with more dedication that our studies ever received, Bole Chudiyan is made for choreographed performances. 

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3. Maahi Ve

If you didn’t immediately start singing the song in your head, are you even a millennial? And the ‘GUJJU’ song that plays before the song has a separate fanbase. 

4. Ole Ole 

Like every early 90s songs, this track too takes its own sweet time to begin. And once it does, your feet start moving on their accord! 

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5. Mast Kalandar

Heyy Babyy may have been an entirely forgettable film. But the track is way too memorable to not make it to your sangeet playlist. Because, mast mast mast kalandar!

6. Say Na Say Na

Okay, any song that seamlessly integrates dhol beats and musical notes is a perfect dance number. Of course, the video for Say Na Say Na also gave us sartorial goals with the saree that Simi (Priyanka Chopra) wears. 

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7. Ainvayi Ainvayi

If a movie based on wedding planning will not have the perfect shaadi dance number, then which film would? Also, that hook step was made for wedding performances. 

8. Balle Balle 

Okay, Bride and Prejudice did not just introduce us to Martin Henderson and Naveen Andrews (sigh!). It also gifted us with the ultimate song for a #groomsquad vs. #bridetribe dance-off. 

9. Gal Mithi Mithi

While the complete movie was a lesson in fashion, the bridesmaid-saree look from this video was what first hooked our attention. Almost a decade later, we remember the song as a track made for dancing. 

10. Sapne Mein Milti Hai 

Yes, Satya will always remain one of Bollywood’s finest gangster thrillers ever made. But, it will also be the film that gave us a classic dance number, like Sapne Mein Milti Hai. I mean, that whistling intro is enough to get your face smiling and your feet tapping. 

11. Kawa Kawa

Kawa Kawa, from Monsoon Wedding, is not your typical, loud, high-intensity dance number. Rather, it’s the track you truly enjoy, as you revel in wedding festivities, and dance to Sukhwinder’s powerful voice and melodious beats. 

12. Urvashi Urvashi (original)

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – nothing beats the magic of originals. Especially when it comes to a song made for smooth dance moves, like Urvashi Urvashi (from Hum Se Hai Muqabala). 

13. Humma Humma (original)

There are some songs that wake our inner dancer, even if we’ve never danced a day in our lives. Humma Humma, with its funky beats, is that song. Also yes, it is one of those rare songs where the remix did not completely ruin the vibe of the original composition. 

14. Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast 

This is one of those iconic songs that you just can’t get out of your head. From the moment the song begins, with a rendition of pa, ni, sa, you automatically begin recreating those classic dance steps (yes, even the pelvic thrust!).

15. Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye

No matter what the occasion is, no dance playlist can ever be complete without a Govinda number. And as far as wedding dances go, Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye could be the ‘perfect’ song for the bride and groom to groove on. 

16. Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen

From the music beats to the clothes that Shah Rukh Khan wears in the video, everything about the song is quintessential 90s. This is why this song will always be the perfect ‘nostalgic’ tune to dance on. 

17. Where’s The Party Tonight

Nacho, all night! Yes, this is that track that you probably forgot, but shouldn’t! Because not only did it have amazing beats you actually can dance to, all night, but it also had John Abraham’s cameo as a DJ. 

18. It’s The Time To Disco

It was difficult to pick between this and Pretty Woman, but ultimately, the song title decided it. Because when this number plays, it truly is the time to disco!

19. Gore Gore

The first clue that this is the song for your wedding festivities is that it is set in the backdrop of a mehendi function.  The second is that it immediately brings back fond memories. And really, do we need any other reason than nostalgia?

20. Dil Le Gai Kudi Kudi 

While Sukhbir’s Oh Ho Ho will forever remain the dance anthem of the 90s, there were other Punjabi tracks that were made for dancing. Like Jasbir Jassi’s tracks, especially Dil Le Gai Kudi. There was also the lesser-known, but equally fun, Kudi Kudi (starring Sandhya Mridul). 

21. Billo Rani

In recent times, dance numbers have been about remixing old tunes. But, at a time when new dance numbers were actually created, Billo Rani from Dhan Dhana Goal became a favourite – one that we still don’t mind performing on. 

22. Janaabe Ali

With the number of songs that Bollywood produces every year, you may have forgotten this track – but it needs to come back to your playlist. Because it is one of those tracks that was made to groove on.

23. Thoda Daru Vich Pyaar Mila De

You may remember Tum Bin for the ultimate heartbreak song, Koi Fariyaad. But, Stereo Nation Taz’s Thoda Daru Vich Pyaar Mila De, which plays at the beginning of the movie, deserves your love and attention too. Because if you’re looking for a number to show-off those dance moves on, it’s this track. 

24. Tan Tana Tan

Bollywood can remake the movie. It can also remix the song. But nothing will set our feet tapping quicker than the original.

25. Tera Rang Balle Balle 

Let’s admit it, when the song first came out, we all imitated the ‘naiyyo naiyyo‘ step. And sometimes, it’s great to go back to our childhood – especially when it comes to this dance number. 

26. Sona Sona 

When it comes to music made for dancing, Punjabi songs do take an edge. And Sona Sona, from Major Saab, proves this. 

27. Tunak Tun Tun

Picking one Daler Mehendi track is impossible, and so the title may say Tunak Tun Tun, but truly every Daler Mehendi track from the 90s (Bolo Tara Rara, Ho Jayegi Balle Balle etc. ) is tailor-made for crazy, high-power, fun dancing. Try and stop yourself.

28. Kya Soorat Hai

If Daler Mehendi’s songs were made for crazy dancing that you never want captured on camera, Bombay Viking’s remixes were made for choreographed performances you record and look back at fondly. Like the song Kya Soorat Hai. 

29. Kala Sha Kala 

If you look to Punjabi folk music, it’s full of songs (traditionally known as tappe) specially written for wedding festivities. And Anamika’s Kala Sha Kala is a modern rendition of a traditional song that both, the adults and children can enjoy.

30. Sajnaji Vaari Vaari

There are some songs that get you in the spirit of dancing from the second they begin. Like Sajnaji Vaari Vaari from Honeymoon Travels. 

31. Genda Phool

Originally a Chattisgarhi folk song, Genda Phool was popularized when it played in the film Delhi-6. And it may not be very high on tempo, but it does you set in the mood for fun celebrations. 

32. Piya Piya O Piya

Every girl gang practiced dancing on this song when it first came out. And sometimes, revisiting the dance moves from your childhood is exactly what is needed to add some good old-fashioned ‘pizzaz’ to your sangeet night. 

33. Rang Rang Mere Rang Mein

If you’re looking for a song for couple performances, that is far from the norm, then Rang Rang is an ideal choice. Because it’s neither your typical romantic ballad, nor your high-tempo dance number. Instead, it is a perfect mix of both. 

34. Chunnari Chunnari

If you’re someone who knows their way around the dance floor, then this high-energy song from Biwi No. 1 is a great way to flex those dancing muscles. Fun fact, it was actually used for a performance during the sangeet in the movie Monsoon Wedding. 

35. Kajra Re

There are some songs that become more famous for their hook step than for the number itself. Case in point, Kajra Re. And once this song plays on your sangeet, chances are, everyone who is on the dance floor will recreate the iconic step. 

36. Choli Ke Peeche Kya

Did the legendary opening tune start playing in your head the second you read the song’s title? Then you are a true blue 90s kid and this song deserves to make an appearance during your sangeet night.

37. Mauja Hi Mauja

The song that convinced an entire generation that tank top with a salwar is the ultimate dancing outfit, Mauja Hi Mauja is a classic dance number. 

38. Woh Ladki Hai Kahan

Yes, yes it is not your usual sangeet number. But it is the number that you choreographed a whole dance to, even if it was in your head. So why not let that choreography light up the dance floor during your sangeet?

39. Kangna

When Dr. Zeus created this number, he gave us beats that were made for dancing, and lyrics we loved singing along to. No wonder this song remains a favourite even today. 

40. Glassy 

This track, by Yo Yo Honey Singh & Ashok Mastie, could play during a baraat, sangeet, or even the cocktail function – and you’d always get up to dance on it. And frankly, the remix is no where near to the magic of the original. 

41. It’s Rocking 

You may remember the song for Kareena’s diva moves, but it’s a song that is ideal for dancing your heart out. Also, pro-tip, you can actually copy the dance steps from the video and be performance ready! 

42. Let The Music Play

Remember this song by Shamur? For most of us, it was our first introduction to a song where the lyrics were completely traditional and the beats were totally modern. And to date, we love this indo-western fusion. 

43. Ek Glassy

Long before Gully Boy, or frankly, even Honey Singh, we heard Hard Kaur’s killer raps and fell in love. And now that rap is the ‘genre of the year’, Ek Glassy should make a return to our playlists. “I’m buzzing, I’m buzzing.”

44. Rock N Roll Soniye

No Karan Johar movie can exist without a fair share of dance tracks. Just like the song Rock N Roll Soniye from KANK. Also, talks about acing the retro theme. 

45. Don’t Be Shy

The late 90s and early 2000s gave us pop songs that to date remain the perfect party anthem. Like Don’t Be Shy. 

46. Ban Than Chali

If you’re looking for a dance number for the #bridetribe that sets your squad apart from the rest, or if you’re just tired of dancing on Tareefan, then let Ban Than Chali come to the rescue.

47. Aaja Mahi

This is a clear reminder of the time when pop music was more than just remixed tunes. You may not be able to perform on the whole song, but the Punjabi section of the song is made for dancing.

48. Tere Naal Nachna

Most Punjabi songs of today just recreate folk music. But there was a time when original Punjabi music was created and loved. Like the song Tere Naal Nachna, which Rishi Rich, Juggy D, and Jay Sean collaborated on. 

49. Dil Luteya

If you’re preparing a song that the #groomsquad can truly groove on, then this classic is a guaranteed hit.

50. Dus Bahane Karke Le Gaya 

There are many songs with stylized choreography, but none that can match the swag of this number. A classic if there ever was one! 

Of course, if all else fails, there’s always Railgaadi to get your groove on. Did your favourite old song make it to the list? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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