If you’re as obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan as we are, you’d not just be into the stuff that he says but also the things people say about him. Now, one thing that his friends from the industry keep mentioning is his dance sessions with his wife Gauri back in the day.

So many people have actors how they’d find the couple grooving in the clubs, and that sounds legit if this old video is anything to go by.


Shah Rukh and Gauri can be seen at a Holi party dancing to the dhol, away from the crowd and this has honestly made our day.

Look at them, all synchronised! 

Some lovely people have figured out what year it could be, judging by the other guests, and it seems like the internet has decided this has to be somewhere around 1996. 

This means that Shah Rukh was really new to the industry at that point, which, for some reason, has only made this even more heartwarming.

As pointed out by many, this video resurfaces every Holi, but what is the problem with that exactly? If there is one thing we can confidently say has rewatch value, it’s Shah Rukh Khan dancing with Gauri.