Nobody likes to be sad. But, if we WERE to be sad, wouldn’t we rather be so on an island of money? Wealth makes a stark difference to one’s outlook on life and how they deal with problems, and trust people who’ve closely seen the world of elites to tell you that.


Redditors often have intel on all things interesting, and here’s what 12 of them had to say about their most outrageous insights on rich people, having been exposed to their world:

1. “I’ve worked with the very wealthy and the very poor. I have learned that money makes you MORE of whatever you are. People who are kind and generous are kind and generous on a larger scale. People who are jerks become jerks on a bigger scale.”

– Abnerqw

2. “They don’t really understand scraping by. Their proposed solutions to me always require more income than I have. They would work, but only at what they think is poor.”

– PMyourTastefulNudes


3. “They really don’t understand that flinging their money around doesn’t fix mental and emotional issues when there’s a problem in your relationship. Had a crazy roommate that would take my car without permission and IDK what she would do or where she’d go with it. But I brought it up on third offense that I’m really irritated that she hasn’t stopped, even when asking her and explaining that it’s a liability when she took it. She just left a 100$ on my desk and said sorry. Aaaanddddd that’s when I moved out.”

– Anonymous_0880

4. “Rich people really overestimate how hard they work.”

– Anonymous


5. “I’ve learned three things: 1) money doesn’t buy class, 2) there is such a thing as “old money” and “new money” and 3) having money should never become a personality trait”

– powderedtoastsupreme

6. “That, as much as money can’t buy happiness, it can buy protection from many horrible traumas. The only 2 rich people I’m friends with both have experienced nothing that, either they or me, find to be traumatic. Because of it, they lack a lot of common self-defense mechanisms. They’re almost too normal, it scares me sometimes.”

– I_Am_My_Truth


7. “One thing I’ve learned from this is that there are 2 kinds of rich people: entitled pricks who really dont deserve to be rich and really cool people who may or may not be cheapskates at heart and deserve a lot more.”

– azurfall88

8. “They think everyone else is rich too.”

– Automatic-Good5403


9. “Many are nice people who just happen to be a little more fortunate than others. There are some however, who are pricks when it comes to their wealth and who think they are above most in society. They wouldn’t associate with and don’t want to associate with the lower class in society and they look down on everyone who is poorer than they are.”


10. “They don’t like to hear the word ‘No’ and will use their power/influence/connections/money until the answer becomes ‘yes’.”



11. “That they can do anything – morally corrupted things, pulling political strings, etc and get away with it.”


12. “Most of them have the same problems as I do, just a couple more zeros on the end.”



Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it sure makes life interesting and VERY convenient.