As we all know, Shah Rukh is well recognised for his love, but those who have met him personally know how tender-hearted he is. No wonder he has the license to effortlessly rule over our hearts. Sometimes the smallest of the gestures can make a callosal impact in someone's life. 

As he celebrated his 56th birthday yesterday, Twitter got flooded with the stories of their 'mulakaat' with SRK and we haven't found anything more heartwarming today. 

1. Talked to school kids at length about his life, treated them like peers, and apologised every time his phone rang. The man knows how to gel up across generations.

2. Talk about a man who values calibre!

3. A perfect blend of charm and generosity. 

4. When he not only complimented Singer Chinmayi Sripaada, but met her mother and interacted with her despite having the busiest day at the launch. 

5. When he carefully chose return gifts for his crew after the film wrapped up and personally signed them. Most prized possession one could ever have.

6. When he appreciated the time and effort put in by those who waited for him, and apologised when he let them down. A true superstar.

7. When he hugged the journalist saying 'Eid ke din handshake nahin karte, gale milte hain'. 

8. He expresses his smallest of the gestures so intensely. No one could ever match him. 

9. Someone who treats strangers like family? Yes, That's Shah Rukh Khan for y'all. 

10. When Hansal Mehta had posted to have funds organised for a child who was suffering from a tumour and needed to undergo surgery. He said that Shah Rukh Khan stepped forward and quietly had the money transferred to the hospital, quite literally overnight. Baadshah for a reason!

Shah Rukh knows it doesn't take a lot to be a good human being.