We live in a world, where people are constantly shamed for their size. Sadly, it’s even more common when it comes to actors and models in the fashion and entertainment industry. They are constantly subjected to ‘standards’ that are unreal or too harsh.


Among the many incidents of body shaming that we witness on a daily basis, we’ve got a photographer who charges extra to shoot plus-size models.

Megan Mesveskas, a model and founder of the agency, Model Nexus had inquired about the rates and availability of a photographer, William Lords. In response, his studio manager shared two different rates – $950 for ‘standard’ models and $1050 for ‘plus/curvy’ models. The fashion industry has taken tiny steps towards body positivity, but clearly we’re still very far from the goal.

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After receiving backlash due to the incident, William Lords told Newsweek that he charges the extra $100 for ‘plus-sized’ models, because of the time and cost involved in obtaining ‘creative and high end’ clothing for them. 

Most of them say what they want, and you know what it is? The high-end stuff. They want the stuff that the straight-sized models have.

-William Lords to Newsweek

Sixtine Rouyre, who’s a model associated with Model Nexus also shared a video, talking about the incident, with her message to the photographer. She also talked about the fact, that this is just one of the many examples of how awful the modeling industry is, to literally anyone over a size zero.

You can watch the video here:

There’s no doubt that people were outraged by the incident. These reactions to Rouyre’s video are proof:


It’s 2022, and we’re still, constantly fighting these beauty standards that shouldn’t even exist.