Ranveer Singh has been the talk of the tinsel town ever since his photos for the Paper Magazine broke the Internet. We know the actor for his applause-worthy acting, infectious energy, quirky sense of styling, and sassy comments that he seems to pass on every next occasion.  

With Koffee With Karan Season 7 streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, we thought it only fits to look back at peak Ranveer Singh moments from the KwK episodes.

1. When Ranveer legit stood up to walk out from the KwK episode after Karan revealed how he had shared his reservations with YRF after he had been selected for Band Baaja Baaraat.

While appearing in Koffee With Karan is a dream for budding actors, Ranveer Singh stood up to walk out from his Koffee debut to let Karan know he was hurt. However, moments later, Karan admitted he felt like the biggest fool for thinking that Ranveer and Anushka were not movie stars. 

Disney+ Hotstar

2. When Ranveer openly admitted that he’s a big-time hugger and a kisser.

Well! Who on Earth can deny that after the Bear Grylls episode? 

Disney+ Hotstar

3. When Ranveer couldn’t stop obsessing over Arjun Kapoor.

When Karan questioned Ranveer if he had a thing for Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer exclaimed that he’s just a ‘touchy-feely’ person, which was pretty evident already. In the entire episode, Ranveer and Arjun were very upfront about their love for each other. And we all know how Ranveer takes stuff two notches higher! 

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4. When Ranveer opened up about the ‘keeda‘ inside him.

The actor does send people ROFLing with his extravagant antics. We love and hate him for that.

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5. When Ranveer asked Arjun to answer how he reacts to male co-stars hitting on him.


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6. When Ranveer threatened to hurl Karan’s own shoe at him.

After stealing Karan’s elite shoes from his wardrobe, Ranveer entered dancing to the Koffee couch. He later threatened to hit KJo with his own shoe if he said anything inappropriate or even used his favourite word, ‘conjecture.’ Later, Ranveer also claimed, ‘I’m toh nanga aadmi.’ 

Disney+ Hotstar

7. When Ranveer opened up about wearing padded underwear in Befikre.

How do I forget what he actually said? 

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8. When Ranveer was at his ultra-pro-max-energy mode while dancing on the KwK episode with Ranbir Kapoor.

Karan had asked Ranveer and Ranbir to do hook steps of the songs he named. Ranveer looked like he went into some kind of trance. The man was unstoppable. He stole all the limelight of that sequence. 

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9. When Ranveer Singh began mimicking Akshay Kumar because that’s just his thing.

Karan had just asked Ranveer to speak about his perception of Akshay Kumar. Ranveer went on his exaggeration spree, which was both adorable and hilarious at the same time. 

He’s doctor Akshay Kumar. He’s Padma Shri Akshay Kumar. He’s gonna run for Prime Minister Akshay Kumar. Akshay for President Akshay Kumar. It’s all about Akshay Kumar.

Post that, he began mimicking the actor, and Akshay had to say something.

Disney+ Hotstar

10. When Akshay Kumar shared how hilariously intrusive Ranveer can be as he’s literally the last person to leave at parties.

Why does this not seem surprising?

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11. When Ranveer ushered the new season of Koffee With Karan with his unique prayer.

Well! If it helps, the episode truly was amazing.

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12. When Ranveer called himself an ‘Ass Man.’

I’ll be scared to watch a superhero movie titled ‘Ass Man.’

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13. When Ranveer admitted to having a sex playlist. Not just that, he even performed it.

And his composition even had a climax. 

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If Samantha Prabhu were to describe these, she might just say that these were typical Ranveerifying moments on KwK. In the Koffee awards this year, Ranveer Singh should get a lifetime achievement award for ruling his Koffee episodes. Always!