It’s almost a task for parents with toddlers to be in public places and keep it all together. If we really think about it, it’s not always very comforting for the kids, as well. And while there’s not a lot that we can do to help, we can always try and be decent human beings, and have empathy. And a recent policy of a restaurant in UK, has people questioning the place.

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A Chinese buffet restaurant, Panda Garden, in UK, had shared in an elaborate Facebook post that they will apply £3 as a ‘baby service charge’. As a clarification, they’d mentioned that high chairs for kids, cost them as well, and they’re giving away a space where an adult could’ve been seated.

high chairs are not free, nor is labour and in fact food. We are paying the opportunity cost of reserving a seat for a baby where an adult could have been seated

Panda Garden Restaurant
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The owners also added that they pay the staff to clean up after the kids’ ‘mess’. Some people, specifically parents were not very happy with the policy, mentioning how adults aren’t charged extra for spilling. The restaurant has announced these changes after a renovation, and while they’re quite loved, the policy didn’t sit well with all the customers.

We are also paying for staff to clean up after their mess. Therefore a £3 charge will apply.

While the restaurant is expecting customers to co-operate, they’re expecting the same.