Sameera Reddy has really been opening up a lot of conversations around women’s issues like motherhood, body shaming and post-partum depression. 

The actor has been speaking her truth and therefore, leading the way for the rest of us to do the same. And in her most recent IG post, she’s spoken about how no one owes the world an explanation for the way they look, especially if it has to do with your body and weight. 

Reddy also spoke about how she focuses on being healthy rather than thin. About how the reason for your weight gain doesn’t matter, whether it’s pregnancy, a health issue or simply that you’ve been enjoying your food, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

You don’t need to explain your body appearance to anyone. Or give them a reason or excuse why you look a certain way. I’ve heard many times that I had a postpartum ‘excuse’ for weight gain. I disagree. Weight fluctuations can happen to anyone at any stage. I’ve gained weight many times before becoming a mother. It’s only now that I am fully aware of my patterns. I can mindfully stay on course to becoming healthy and fit: NOT SKINNY!

Here is the post where she opened up about this. 

So much love and respect for her speaking her mind here!