Some celebrities are so loved by their audiences that people start dressing up like them. Literally, Ctrl C + Ctrl V. And Shah Rukh Khan being the King of Bollywood is no exception. Quite recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s doppelganger, Suraj Kumar, took the internet by storm and his videos will remind you of SRK from the 90s.

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Hailing from Jharkhand, Suraj Kumar is a devoted fan of Shah Rukh Khan. In a conversation with Hindustan Times, he said, “More than the new ones, I like to revisit and watch his old work – Baazigar, Deewana, Yes Boss, Chamatkar, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman and Maya Memsaab. The style he had back then was unmatchable. Unka bolne ka tareeka, unke baal, unka dance, unka haklaana (The way he spoke, his hair, his dance, and his stammer) … you don’t get to see all that in his new films. That’s why, my imitations are also from his 90s films.”

Suraj left his home to meet Shah Rukh Khan one day and become an actor like him. But he also adds, “I would go to Mannat every single day, but have not got a chance to meet him yet. Agar kabhi Shah Rukh mujhse mile, main toh rona shuru kar dunga. (If Shah Rukh Khan ever meets me, I will start crying)”

His videos have won him many fans on social media. Suraj Kumar, who goes by the name Chhota Shahrukh, has 163K followers on Instagram.

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