From posters and plotlines to songs, we all know how our film industry loves to take ‘inspiration‘ from almost everything from foreign movies. However, it seems that foreign movies are now copying Bollywood movies. That’s correct!

Redditors are calling a particular scene in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings – MCU’s first movie with a Chinese-American superhero – a blatant copy of a scene from Bajirao Mastani.

A person, who goes by the username OnlyPhilosopher5479, found an uncanny resemblance between the two scenes. He also shared a clip that shows frame by frame comparisons from both the movies. 

The clip begins with a zoomed out shot of both the lead characters, Shang-Chi and Bajirao, on their respective horses preparing for a battle. In the next shot, both are seen moving towards their enemy soldiers and even use same movements for defending themselves from the attack. 

After bring shared on the website, the clip has received 1.2K upvotes and 130+ comments. This is what netizens think of the clip:

You can check the entire post here:

It looks like the tables have turned!

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