Reasonably, the first season of Shark Tank India had enough potential to eclipse all the existing reality shows in terms of entertainment. The many potions that went into the cauldron of making this show what it was included expertise, offbeat theme and entertainment, to name a few. 

If there was ever a more spectacular season finale, it would be the one provided by the Sharks. Check out what the Sharks awarded each other on the last episode.

1. Dhai Gram Ka Haath Award

To quote Aman, “Jiski aawaz mein wazan uski haaton ne daala hai,” Vineeta Singh wins the Dhai Gram Ka Haath Award for her extravagant hand gestures that fascinated the audience.


2. Saamna Sach Ka Award

“Tu zindagi barbaad kar raha hai apni, nahi ho payega tujhse.” I want Ashneer Grover to lash out at me because only then I might start taking life seriously. Ashneer, the human equivalent of an honest mirror, receives the Saamna Sach Ka Award. 


3. Karan Arjun Award

From making the maximum offers on Shark Tank to being the OG bros, Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar were the oxygen of Shark Tank India. We will never dislike any of their moments on the show, which were all sweet and witty. They were certainly worthy of the Karan Arjun Award!


4. Chhappar Phaad Ke Award 

Although Peyush Bansal asked for the maximum equity from the founders compared to any other Shark, he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is more than just an investor on the show. For having the ‘clarity of vision’, Peyush Bansal wins the Chhappar Phaad Ke award.

5. Sawaal Pe Sawaal Award

The number of questions Gazal Alagh posed during this season far outnumbered even the number of episodes. The show’s Dolphin-esque Shark, the Mama of Earth, barraged the founders with questions without even trying to grill them. She is the winner of the Sawal Pe Sawal Award!


6. Gyaani Baba Award

Thanks to Anupam Mittal, as now I have an understanding of financial terms although having zero interest in business. The founders undoubtedly left the tank with more profound knowledge than they had when they entered. Human encyclopedia AKA  Anupam Mittal wins the Gyaani Baba Award.


If you’re still wondering what’s in it to hit so many of our headlines then go binge watch the show, y’all!