Sima Taparia is back in the season three of Indian Matchmaking, and much like the other two seasons, there’s a lot that’s problematic. Ever since the show garnered attention, people have often pointed out the casteist and sexist parameters of the matchmaking system. While Sima isn’t the first matchmaker or person, for that matter, who is set in such beliefs, but the glorification of her ways makes it a bigger issue.

A common question that comes up, while watching the show is, the cost of these matchmaking services that she offers. Apparently, “blessings” are not the only thing that Sima aunty takes away from these matches. A Twitter user, shared how someone she knows approached Sima for the services, but the fees was quite high. She added that the said person is fairly wealthy, which draws a basic idea of the insanely high fees.

*Balding is only natural, but casteist – YES.

Sima Taparia runs a business, and clearly has a rolodex of privileged clients. So, charging what she thinks she deserves is one thing. But imagine paying all that money to either end up with no match at all, or a casteist, toxic person from her pool of clients. She keeps emphasizing on the need to “compromise” with whatever a person has to offer, even if it satisfies sixty to seventy percent of one’s criterion.

Sima Taparia on Indian Matchmaking

So, the question is – is paying all THAT money even worth it?

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