There are thousands of shows that have been released by different digital platforms, but there are only a handful of shows that instantly connect with their audience. And, one such show is TVF’s Panchayat.

There’s no doubt that the second season of this comedy-drama series is one of those comfort comedies that you can return to, time and again, and will always leave with a smile on your face.

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While the fans are still not over the latest season of this feel-good show, that took the entire nation by storm with its brilliant humour and true portrayal of rural life, a social media user, who goes by the username @zalzalamass, posted a clip from an old Doordarshan movie from 1989, Umeed

Interestingly, there were some extremely similar visuals that netizens just couldn’t ignore.


In the movie, Bank Babu (Shah Rukh Khan) is assigned to a village as a banker, just like Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) in the show. In fact, there were several striking similarities between the two characters in their introductory scene.

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Don’t believe us? Let us take you through it.

1. When both the characters first stepped into an unknown rural area, they both took a moment to soak it all in.

2. In fact, they both had the same thought and expression- confusion.

3. They saw an old door with locks on it, which eventually became their office AND home.

4. Their respective office assistants, who were waiting for them to arrive at the location, were nothing but comforting supportive characters.

5. And lastly, a sigh of relief when they first enter their office cum home.

Needless to mention, netizens were quite pleased to see SRK acing his role to perfection. Like always.

You can watch the entire movie here:

This simply proves that SRK has done it all!