For people who give money to other people for the sole job of telling them how to act, our celebrities go astray a lot. Here are just a few examples of offensive/insensitive remarks made by Indian celebs that had us feeling disgusted – if not outraged.

1. When Sonam Kapoor said it is her “karma” that has earned her the privilege she enjoys, without thinking that the opposite of this would mean that people who are not privileged have bad karma. That’s obviously an inappropriate opinion and the internet quickly brought this to her notice after which nothing really happened.

Systemic discrimination runs deep in our society and these notions just add to it.

2. Deepika Padukone recently shared a picture of herself, accompanied by the caption that mentioned how she has been “treated as a person of colour”. Huh? The verbiage of the sentence hints at the fact that she thinks “people of colour” are inferior and that is just messed up.

Not to mention, you can’t just throw sensitive phrases like these in your captions. One must think about what they are saying and how it will affect the marginalised.

3. As a general rule, I try not to have big expectations from Ram Gopal Varma but he still manages to stump me. On World Women’s Day, 2017, this is what the man had to say, “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”. This is disrespectful to all women everywhere and Sunny Leone in particular.

We don’t have any job other than pleasing men? And why would you talk about a woman like that? She starred in adult movies, yes. It was a choice that she made, and that should be respected.

Must mention here that while Sunny did not see anything wrong with the tweet, going by her response, it does not make it correct for Ram Gopal Varma to think this way.

4. Raveena Tondon displaying bigotry here with full confidence.

No ma’am you will not be termed “communal, sanghi, bhakt, hindutva icon” for wearing a saree but that tweet will definitely be termed gross for sure.

5. When Sonu Nigam went on a rant about how Azaan wakes him up in the morning. Now, this is bad enough but he did not stop there. He followed this up with another tweet mentioning how temples and gurudwaras never wake people up; to which people asked him if he has heard of jagraatas.

6. When Shashi Tharoor shared a selfie with women parliamentarians and captioned it, “Who says the Lok Sabha isn’t an attractive place to work? With six of my fellow MPs this morning”. He knows so many words, we are pretty sure he also knows what ‘sexism’ means. Well!

7. In 2017, Mallika Dua pointed out that she felt uncomfortable when Akshay Kumar told her, “Aap bell bajaiye, main aapko bajata hoon” on a TV show. This did not go down well with Twinkle Khanna who tweeted this some time later.

8. We hope Sara Ali Khan is trying to get a better understanding of systemic racism because if this Instagram post of hers from 2020 is anything to go by, things don’t look good. During the Black Lives Matter movement, this is what she uploaded.

9. When Varun Dhawan posted a fan-made picture of himself rocking with the guitar and captioned it “be safe guys”. Sure, Varun.

India Today

10. The RGV logic applies to Chetan Bhagat as well. We have very low expectations from him, but the guy never stops being problematic. In 2014, here is what he had to say about the downfall of the rupee’s value compared to the dollar.

The rupee is asking, is there no punishment for my rapists.

11. A few months ago, Ayushmann Khuranna shared a picture of himself with painted nails and wrote “gender fluid” in the caption. Ayushmann, putting black nail paint does not make one gender fluid, BEING gender fluid does. Ugh.

I am sure you must be thinking why I haven’t included Kangana Ranaut’s posts. That is because it’s not possible to put everything one has written on social media in one article.