Spoiler Alert: This article contains dialogues from ‘Jawan’, which may come across as spoilers.

Atlee’s directorial ‘Jawan‘ has recorded the biggest box office opening in the Hindi cinema. We see fan-favourite SRK perfectly packaged as a mass hero in this supremely entertaining action thriller that also provides a meaningful social commentary. The film is dipped with meta-references, transcending the cinema halls to reach the audience. At moments, it feels like King Khan himself is interacting with the audience.

srk jawan best dialogues best scenes

The first day, first shows met with a houseful attendance from fans who queued outside the movie halls early in the morning, dancing, cheering, lighting firecrackers, and celebrating the film’s release. With the hype that existed prior to the opening day, ‘Jawan’ completely lives up to our anticipation. 

jawan best scenes

Yes, it gets a little preachy with its commentary at times, but hey, that was needed. It is on the nose, so we don’t lose the sight of perspective that’s being communicated. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the film attained the status of a cult classic. Here are 12 unforgettable dialogues from ‘Jawan that scream a meaningful blockbuster:

1. “RATHORE, VIKRAM RATHORE…naam toh suna hoga!”

SRK’s universe it is!

srk jawan best dialogues

2. “Ek bank jo sirf ₹40,000 ke liye ek gareeb kisan ko uski jaan lene par majboor kardeta hai, usi bank ne tumhare dad ke ₹40,000 crore yunhi maaf kardiye.”

srk jawan best dialogues

3. “Main kaun hoon?”

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What’s SO special about this? Well, it is its placement in the film, the adrenaline that kicks in, which makes it so solid. You won’t forget it, like EVER.

best jawan epic dialogues

4. “…Chahiye toh ALIA BHATT, par umar mein thodi choti hai.”

jawan best dialogues srk

5. “Jab main VILLAIN banta hun na toh mere saamne koi bhi HERO tik nahi sakta.” 

jawan best dialogues

6. “Jail mein aadmi tere hain, par ye jail meri auraton ka hai.”

srk jawan best dialogues

7. “Santa Claus?”

This will make you cackle!

srk jawan best dialogues

8. “Bete ko hath lagaane se pehle BAAP se baat kar.”

srk jawan epic dialogues

9. “Ek aadmi aur 6 ladkiyaan nahin, ek aadmi aur 6,000 ladkiyaan hain. It’s an ARMY, sir.”

srk jawan best dialogues

10. “TV pe SIMBA tha, ye MUFASA hai. Jo TV pe tune dekha tha wo SHER KA BACHA tha, ye khud SHER hai.”

Jawan best dialogues

11. “Panch ghante chalne wali mosquito coil ke liye kitne sawaal karte ho…lekin panch saal tak apni SARKAAR chunte waqt ek SAWAAL nahi karte, kuch nahi poochte.”

The monologue was the highlight of the film.

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12.All work and no joy will make handsome a dull boy.”

Again, some of the dialogues above may not seem as epic while reading, but it’s their placement in the film which changes everything and, well… SRK’s iconic presence. I don’t usually spend twice on the same movie, but I wouldn’t be surprise if I re-watch Jawan on the big screen. It’s ‘MASSY’ in all ways!