I am about to impart some knowledge that I hope, with all my heart, you will not abuse, for the sake of your employers. Because we know that there will always be a few minutes or hours to kill at the office when you have absolutely nothing to do. Instead of just browsing through videos on YouTube, we have figured out an epic list of online games that’ll help you kick boredom in the ass. Be careful not to get sucked into this vortex of entertainment where time suddenly seems to fly by and where bosses dwell.

Here are 10 online games that you can play at the office that’ll help you kill time.

1. Daymare Town Series

The Daymare Town series is an epic collection of mystery puzzle games created by Mateusz Skutnik, that features incredibly creepy artwork and music that is slanted towards a weird kind of horror. Your objective in the game, as the player, is to escape the town that you’re trapped in. Check it out here, it’s super creepy and super fun. 

Best Games To Play On Computer

2. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

The game is hilarious in its objective. You play Karoshi, a disgruntled office worker, who’s trying to commit suicide in the most innovative ways. You start the game with 50 lives and your objective is to find ways to kill yourself on each level. Play this weird puzzle game here – mostly ’cause you probably relate.

Best Games To Play On Computer

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3. Crash Planning

Crash Planning is an epic office game, mainly for the reason that you can play it right under your boss’s nose. Don’t believe me? Check it out here, because it looks like an Office Excel sheet and your main objective is to align similar coloured boxes to make them disappear. 

Best Games To Play On Computer

4. Snow Line

Let’s not wait till Christmas to play this game because it’s as aggravating as it is ingenious. This logic and skill game requires you to draw a snow line on the screen for Santa’s sleigh to slide across. Be careful about the slopes you create since that propels the sleigh forward. You can play it here.

Best Games To Play On Computer

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5. The Maze

This is definitely the ultimate mind fuck. The Maze is a puzzle game based on the book The Maze by Christopher Manson. Created in a simple text format, just like the book, each page denotes a door in the maze that opens up to doors on different pages in the book. Your objective is to find your way from page number 1 to page number 45 and back in the shortest route. Have fun.

Best Games To Play On Computer

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6. Type Racer

If you’ve been working on computers for the better part of your lives, then this is the game for you. Imagine a game based on typing speed. Boring? Hell no. The game gives you a small passage to type out a word in the shortest possible time that you can, while you race against other players online. Go ahead and check out your typing skills here.

Best Games To Play On Computer

7. Gold Panic

Gold Panic is a simple maze-type puzzle game that requires you to dig a path inside a mine and push gold into a little cart where you collect it. The game is an endless source of fun and time pass. You can play the game here

Best Games To Play On Computer

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If you haven’t played this game already, you’re missing out on one of the toughest bloody games ever created. I mean, what the hell were they thinking creating a game that is impossible to succeed at? You basically have to control the legs of a sprinter using the Q, W, O and P keys on the keyboard. Try it out here and tell us how much you failed, because I’ve given up.

Best Games To Play On Computer

9. Trivia Machine

I thought I’d add a cool trivia game to the mix. Trivia Machine is a cool trivia game where you can choose to play quizzes from different categories like music, history and movies at three different levels including elementary, scholar and genius. Check it out right here

Best Games To Play On Computer

10. Cubefield

Here’s another flash game that was pretty much a hit around the world. The race-type navigation game puts you in control of a little cart in the middle of a field full of cubes that you need to avoid bumping into. The better you get at the game, the faster the speed increases, and soon you will have wasted more time on the game than you intended to. Get your inner racer on, right here

Best Games To Play On Computer

Go ahead and try them out, now! If you’ve got a set of games you like, tell us about them.

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