If you are an avid watcher of movies, you would agree that there is something different in the way Hollywood makes its movies and in the way Bollywood does the same. Keeping the “inspiration” Bollywood draws from Hollywood aside, there are things which both the film industries do differently and it’s hard to place a finger on them.

We came across a Reddit thread where cinephiles discussed the things Bollywood does better than Hollywood and the answers are spot on.

We compiled a list of 12 things the desi film industry does better when compared to its Western counterparts.

1. “This may sound silly because I don’t exactly know how to phrase it, but I’ll give it a try. As a European, I would answer that Bollywood movies are not set up like American movies. I know, it sounds like an open door. American movies are sometimes so American – perfect and cliche. Bollywood movies are less perfect/realistic. For me, that is a big win.” – Desipardesi34


2.  “Songs and dance.” – sg291188

3. “A little too technical, but aside from the songs and dance, Bollywood is amazing at colour. Hollywood has a more balanced approach to colour. Bollywood makes the colour pop or they theme the colour in a very creative way (for eg: red with Kal Ho Naa Ho).” – dav_eh


4. “The conversation between Chhota Chhatri and Manilal is a good example (of conversational comedy). – Almost_Infamous


5. “I feel emotions better in Bollywood movies.” – Mademan84

6. “I’ve never felt the magic of Barfi! in Hollywood. I’ve never listened to music as enchanting as the Saathiya album in Hollywood. It’s just an emotional connection. Like the director, Bong Joon-ho said, “once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” – mrs_robpatt

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7. “Hero ki entry. Even Marvel superheroes don’t have an entry as impactful as a good Bollywood/South Indian movie. I would still take Surya’s entry in Vikram over Toby’s or Andrews’s entry in Spiderman 3 any day.” – Throwaway_acc97

8. “Content that’s uniquely tied to India.” – sixfootwingspan

9. “It’s hero worship. Just watch S.S. Rajamouli films, they are full of songs praising the main character all the time. Also, songs and dance numbers. Not just that, it’s the distinct way in which they get integrated into the film. Even the realist filmmakers of Bollywood have songs in their albums. Gangs Of Wasseypur has 30 songs in total and all of them are amazing. It’s just part of our culture.” – tushit_14

10. “I love the feels. No fill-up sex, just raw feelings. Like 3 Idiots. It’s really a good movie about friendship, about how your parents treat you and want to decide what you are going to study, about love, school, and life itself. There are different layers in the story. Most of the time, these layers fall off when movies get Hollywood-ised.” – prodentsugar

11. “Musicals. The last celebrated modern musical in Hollywood is La La Land and it is completely overrated. The same movie, if, done in Bollywood would be miles better. Indian movies have a really good sense of music and choreography and we’ve come miles ahead from random item songs. For example, Hum Aapke Hain Koun is a better musical with more songs than La La Land.” – icomeinpeaceTO

12. “I think cinematography is really good in Indian movies. The larger than life personas are tackled better here than in West. And obviously, the amalgamation of 420 genres in two and a half hours is something which is so common in Indian movies that we don’t appreciate it enough.” – donandres08

So what would you pick –  Hollywood or Bollywood?