If it were up to me, I’d live in a silent white void with nothing but food and my laptop to binge watch things. But, life isn’t perfect and renting an apartment costs a lot. I haven’t lived with friends or roommates but I’m not keen on even trying, after seeing what living together does on Bigg Boss. Of course, there are no gadgets, a lot of people and the added tadka – but still.

The concept of the show makes contestants live together, while they’re also under surveillance. And that’s almost like having to live with roommates – only without getting paid to do so.

Here are all the things that we learnt from Bigg Boss that living together can do:

1. You start finding new flaws in people – unke saans lene se bhi irriation hoti hai.

2. Cooking for everyone is like planning a langar. 

3. Your clothes end up in someone else’s bag or cupboard. And guess what? They can’t walk themselves. 

4. There’s always a Sallu Bhai in the house who acts like a mediator, but we all know they have their favourites. 

5. If you’re unlucky, which you probably would be – nights would be a snore fest. Ab woh ghdddd sound hi lori hai, aur woh hi alarm. 

6. Koi bhi kisi ki bhi chappal utha leta hai – I mean, why?

7. You realize that raashan costs something and doesn’t just surprisingly refill itself. I get what Bunty meant when he said, “Parle-G khaana padh raha hai kaali chai mein dubokar”.

8. That common washroom can NEVER be dried. Water shortage mein bhi waha paani hota hai.

9. You could be eating ghar ka khaana but it still doesn’t feel like ‘ghar ka khaana’.

10. Two best friends in a room, they might fight – yes, they did. 

11. More than one person in a kitchen means that they won’t talk for the next few days. 

12. Not everybody can sing but not everybody knows that. So, you listen and smile till you can’t.

13. There’s always that one person who eyes your favourite things. Contestants hiding things like coffee doesn’t seem like a big deal after all. 

14. Bathing schedule means – jo pehle pohoncha uski baari.

15. Dost, dost nahi rehete – friends become nemisis. 

Reminds me – I love living with my parents.