You cannot not join in to the beats of a dhol and when it's your favourite song, there's no question. Bhangra doesn't see place or time - it shouldn't. This punjabi mother's reaction to the dhol beats is all of us. 

She broke into bhangra in her kitchen
Source: Instagram

The video was posted on Instagram by Gagandeep Singh Anand, a music producer from California and it has over 69,000 likes at the time of writing this article. The internet loves it for the energy and the vibe. In the video, the mother is in the kitchen when she hears her favourite song. Soon, the sons enter the kitchen with a dhol and she breaks into a bhangra

Her reaction is everything
Source: Instagram

We cannot help but fall in love with her dance moves. After a point, the sons leave the room and she stands there asking why they stopped playing the music. We can totally relate with her. 

Everyone's loving the energy
Source: Instagram

The internet is obviously in love with her.

The comments are everything
Source: Instagram

Watch the video here:

Take those bhangra lessons, y'all.