If you love Bollywood, you would have always wondered how some journalists and content creators know everything about what’s happening in the film industry. You might have also wondered how they share a good rapport with Bollywood celebrities and how it looks like they are best friends. Well, there’s a new podcast on Spotify which answers this question.

The first episode of ‘Dream Build Scale‘, the newest entrepreneurship podcast, is where you will get your answer about everything Bollywood. Priyanka Gill, the co-founder of the Good Glamm Group, has started a new podcast where guests come on board to share inside stories of how they built their brands and businesses. The first episode had Malini Agarwal, the co-founder of Miss Malini, sharing her story of how she became “the ultimate Bollywood insider.”


Speaking to Priyanka Gill, Malini Agarwal recounted her previous experiences and she said,

We expect celebrities to be really standoff-ish, mean, and have big airs. They are actually just human beings. If you treat them in that way and you make that effort and you are nice to them, and not just adulation and not fake nice, but genuinely are there and say ‘How are you doing today?’, they will value that because they don’t get that a lot.

Malini Agarwal also added that the reason why she has been in this game for a long time is that she has always treated celebrities as human beings and “not just always looking for the story”. She also mentioned that she writes only those things about celebs that she can say to their face. “I’m not gonna say something that, you know, I will have to hide my face from them when I see them in person. I think that has gone a long way,” she added.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to listen to their fascinating conversation about all things Bollywood.

Dream Build Scale is a Spotify-exclusive entrepreneurship podcast where Priyanka Gill talks to entrepreneurs who dreamed big, built strong, and scaled high. New episodes stream every Thursday. Tune in now!