The parents – our biggest cheerleaders, our true critics and our best friends – are nothing but a blessing, and losing them is one of the biggest losses in our lives. And, no one knows this better than the people who don’t have them anymore.

Shah Rukh Khan, one of the most kind-hearted actors in the world, has frequently talked about his late parents. From talking about their affection to stating how our parents are our real guides, the man never fails to make all the parents proud.

SRK's Interviews On Losing Parents
Credits: YouTube

Shruti Sonal, a features writer, took to her social media account and shared how the actor’s interviews about his late parents helped her to overcome her parent’s loss.

She wrote that he lost her mother two years back and when she was vulnerable, she found the actor’s interviews about his parents.

She mentioned that no other actor or public figure has spoken about the unsaid regrets and craving for their presence, and what it really means, so vulnerably.

She also mentioned that he understood how, even after years upon years, it scares people of attachments and creates anxiousness and loneliness. 

And yet, she kept crawling back to his interviews as a beautiful reminder that love and loss can co-exist.

Needless to mention, the hearts of the netizens were brimmed with emotions and love. Here’s what they had to say about her brave journey:

Woh kehte hain na ki kalakaar toh bohot hote hain, par asal zindagi mein kalakaari karne waala hi asli kalakaar hota hai. Take a bow, Shah Rukh Khan.