Everyday, we wake up to new revelations and discoveries about love, life, friendship and dating. How? Well, the internet delivers a lot of them to us. For instance, this latest TikTok trend of identifying ‘Beige Flags,’ in people that you’re dating.

Beige Flags, TikTok
Caitlin MacPhail’s TikTok about Beige Flags

The term has been coined by TikTok user and content creator Caitlin MacPhail. And it is indicative of when a person is boring or has an underwhelming dating profile. So, that person who has dull, one- word responses to your questions and conversation starters? Yeah, that person might just be a walking beige flag.

From Reddit conversations to tweets, people have been discussing this latest dating flag and how to spot it in people, ever since the term has exploded.

Here’s how a Reddit user described beige flags. Guess it’s time to up our dating profile game folks.

BRB, going to go sign up for a Kintsugi class and find better books to read. Because beige flags seem a little too okay to me!