Mumbai has been witnessing a drop in the air quality index of the city. According to multiple reports, the air quality level of the country’s financial capital was in the “very poor” category. Apart from that, a thick layer of smog has engulfed Mumbai and it is only expected to get worse.

Smog in Mumbai
Source: DNA India

According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), the air quality of Mumbai was reported to be in the ‘very poor’ category with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 308 yesterday. Delhi, which is infamously known for its poor air quality levels, reported an AQI of 259.

Experts argue that the smog levels are only bound to get severe in the coming days due to the drop in the temperature and stagnant winds. The thick layer of smog has affected visibility levels in Mumbai. Rapid construction, rampant deforestation, and vehicle emissions are some of the major factors responsible for smog.

Take a look at these visuals shared by Mumbaikars on Twitter that will give you a sense of how bad things are in the city.

As reported by BBC, hospitals in Mumbai have reported an increase in the number of people complaining about breathing difficulties and other lung-related ailments. Doctors have advised the citizens to wear masks to protect themselves from the smog.