Lately, there’s been a lot of talk around unisex clothing. Honestly, it’s nothing but men’s clothing that women also prefer to wear. Because women’s clothing has certain unwanted and unnecessary features which are not there in men’s clothing.

1. Short sleeves

The length of sleeves for women’s t-shirts are mostly shorter than that of men in an attempt to make them more ‘fashionable’ or ‘feminine’. And so most women search for t-shirts in men’s section.


2. No/fake/small pockets

While men have pockets in all their clothes, 90% of women’s outfits do not have pockets. Most clothes with pockets will either have a fake one or so small that you won’t be able to fit your phone it it, forget wallet and keys.


3. Thin material

Women’s dresses and tops are mostly made in thin material that is not at all durable. At times, the material is so transparent that women have to wear a layer underneath. Do you expect women to freeze in winters with clothes made of super thin material inside their coats or jackets? 


4. Buttons on the left

Despite the fact that most humans are right-handed, only men’s shirts have buttons on the right side. Women’s shirts have buttons on the left side without any good reason. There are some reasons from history associated with this feature regarding women needing help to get dressed up but they are too illogical now. So, there’s absolutely no reason I can think of why this strange feature hinting at gender inequality should linger even today.


5. Women’s shorts are either super short or it’s a capri.

It is nearly impossible to find women’s shorts that don’t feel like panties or show their thighs. Men’s shorts on the other hand come in different lengths. Why can’t women have mid-length shorts?


6. Inconsistent sizing

The sizing seems way more consistent in men’s clothes. Women can never buy anything in a store without trying it on first. For example, pants sizing for women isn’t nearly as universal as it is for men. All men have to do is look for their waist size x inseam. I mean at least the size should remain the same within a single brand, but that’s not always the case either.


I am sure there’s no good reason for any of these features.