Sony, Samsung, Colgate, all these brands have become household names. Along with being famous, they are also a symbol of trust. But how did they get there? Well, today I’m bringing to you some of the most famous brands and the products they started with. All thanks to this Twitter user. 

1. Sony was founded in 1946, its first product was an electric rice cooker

2. Did you know one of the first products of Nokia was toilet paper?

3. Samsung used to export fruit and fish

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4. Lego’s first product was a duck

5. Nintendo started with making playing cards

6. Did you know Nike was called Blue Ribbon Sports?

7. Lamborghini used to sell tractors before selling sports cars

Vengeance is a thing of beauty.

8. Colgate used to sell soap and candles back in 1806

9. IKEA’s initial product was pens

10. LG used to sell facial cream? Wait, what?!

11. Tiffany & Co. sold stationery before selling fine jewellery

TBH, I’ll take stationery over jewellery any day!

12. Toyota was an innovator in loom business before venturing into cars

Moral of the story: Whatever your beginnings are, you can always bloom into something brilliant.

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