Some Indian dishes should not be tampered with. They are not only tasty but we associate our emotions with them.

Chhole Bhature is one of those.

Reddit user shared his experience of eating Chhole Bhature at an Indian restaurant in Sweden and he was disappointed. I think every other Indian would be.

This is how he was served the dish.

He paid approx ₹1,000 for this. And if you are wondering what the taste was like, read this.

Well, it was bad. The bhatura was sweet, super thick, and almost dry. The chhole was like palak paneer but with channa instead(AND WHO THE FUCK ADDS POMEGRANATE??). The taste of the chhole was bland. No spice or any prominent masalas, it was salt and pepper. The chhole to bhatura ratio was bad as well. In my opinion they intentionally made the bhatura small(around 7cms) so that I could order one or more bhatura/naan or rice to finish the chhole. Marketing strategy 101. We exited the hotel with a huge disappointment. I miss home food.

Honestly, it looks so bad, it cannot taste good. Fellow redditors couldn’t stop themselves bashing the restaurant.

Bhatura looks like kachori. – hyd_throwawayThat’s one horror show right there! Dude go to IKEA and take revenge for this. – level 3 spiritualgangstaww

This sounds so much better.

I’d probably watch YouTube videos of chola bhature and drink water than eat this. –  revere1303

True words.

For Rs.1000 your entire family could have had a decent chola bhatura in an outlet like Bikanerwala etc. – TheSaucepanMan

Yeah, that’s not chhole bhature.

Bruh I wont even call that a bhatura. And wtf is this plating? Keep the fancy plating for gourmet shit. Chole Bhature was meant to be rustic and simple. – CanniBal1320

Other dishes ruined in other parts of the world.

How was the taste? This reminded me of Gajar ka Halwa, I ordered in London. It tasted like soap.

Should they be sued?

Sue them for murdering chhole bhature

What do you have to say about Indian food in foreign countries?