Khichdi is a staple dish of every Indian household. While khichdi is quite underrated food item in terms of taste, it surely comes to the rescue when someone in our desi family is struggling with digestive issues. Some people consider khichdi as their comfort food and many of us also eat it for maintaining our body weight.

Recipe on Plate

While khichdi is quite common dish in India, the West just discovered it. An Instagram user, Tom Mills, who is a fitness enthusiast, recently posted a reel of preparing “chicken and rice” while flaunting his abs. And apparently, the recipe is an “ultimate bodybuilding staple”.

And it will remind many of you of khichdi. But wait, the man gave his own twist and garnished the dish with sriracha mayonnaise. WTF! (The moment when I realised he totally ruined it for me). Anyway, so, here’s what he wrote in the caption:

Chicken & rice – the ultimate bodybuilding staple, the best one of all time? Well yes that is a bold statement, so I guess you’re just going to have to try it for yourself.

-Tom Mills

Watch the video here:

Recently, white people also discovered that dahi can be prepared at home. Check out this viral video:

Coming back to the latest video, some people might also call it chicken biryani or chicken fried rice. What do you think? But let’s just conclude that he totally ruined it with mayo. Dude, why?