Desi-fication of western dishes isn’t a new thing in India. If you thought a slice of pizza could give you foodgasm, then know that a spoonful of pizza can now do the trick.

A local eatery in Surat named ‘The Cone Chaat’ has come up with Kulhad pizza, and it looks unbelievable!

This Kulhad pizza’s preparation is very fascinating. To begin, the vendor prepares the filling, which includes corn, tomatoes, pizza crust, paneer/capsicum, and three sauces. There’s also a special masala that’s mixed in with the oregano afterwards. The vendor then fills clay pots with the mixture after thoroughly mixing it with a spoon.


The sauces and a handful of cheese are then added, followed by another layer of pizza filling. A layer of Mozzarella cheese is sprinkled on top of the Kulhads before they are placed in the oven.

When the Kulhads come out of the oven damn, the final look is cheesy and crazy!


However, Twitter isn’t sure if in this pizza, they can crust?

Foodies in Delhi were also recently drooling over the cheesy and stringy kulhad pizza. Have a look.

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