Mayo and cheese are two siblings that share a cordial relationship with each other. Today, let’s talk about how desi vendors prepare street food these days. You buy a samosa, you get cheese inside it, you buy sandwich, yeh lo loaded cheese sandwich, you buy dosa, yeh lo cheese waala. In their heads, they are like, ummm, thoda kam lag raha hai aur cheese dalta hoon.


Speaking of which, an opinion about Indian street food caught my attention on Twitter this morning.

The tweet posted by @balsher_sidhu reads that Indian street food scene is being ruined by excessive mayo and shredded cheese. Check out his post here:


Here’s how netizens are reacting to it:

I just can’t understand the fascination with mayo in this country. I think it’s the burger joints that got them hooked. Everything that goes onto a burger and pizza must go onto everything Indian is the new “Great Indian Recipe” trend. 


Well said. In fact I’m seeing mayo being offered with momos/dimsums too these days. It’s blasphemous. 


And the major credit goes to those good for nothing food vloggers! Who continue to urge the vendors to come up with such ludacris ideas! 


Mayo is tasteless, I don’t know how it can replace the wonderful variety of chutneys we already have. My heart sinks a little every time I see people eat momos with mayo. 


It’s certainly not an unpopular opinion- the real talent of cooking is being killed thanks to ready available Mayo/Cheese. The prep of raw material ingredients condiments was the essence of a particular food. All these frozen food, garnish with mayo/cheese has killed it. 


Well, personally, I choose not to separate mayo and cheese while preparing a sandwich at home. However, I don’t garnish my sandwich with these siblings to such an extent that veggies apne contribution ke liye struggle karne lagein saying dude mujhe bhi to dikhne do? 

Har cheez mein bhar-bhar ke cheese dalna zaroori hai kya? Stop ruining our desi street food please! What do you think of the opinion of the Twitter user? Yay or nay?