For those who have lived in Delhi long enough, this may be a known fact but it still warrants acknowledgement. Some of our most delicious food is served at state bhawans, and no one can change our mind about it.

This may come as a surprise to some, and the reason behind it is that the bhawans are not endorsed enough. We want to fix that. First of all, what are state bhawans? Well, as the name suggests, these are buildings representing the different states of India where official work is carried out. They also have guest houses where people can stay, mostly those are used by officials. 

Now, these buildings have their own kitchens and they serve the food, the state is known for. And it’s GOOD. There is authenticity in it which you won’t find at most other restaurants.

I have personally been to Bihar Bhawan, Gujarat Bhawan, Andhra Bhawan, and Assam House, and I have never come back dissatisfied. Bihar Bhawan has a full platter of Bihari dishes, available in vegetarian and non-veg options, and you should definitely try it if you go there. 

Meanwhile, Assam Bhawan is known for its Parampara Thali. A lot of these places offer thalis that include local food from the region. 

Andhra Bhawan is where things get real, though. It is not easy to get a seat at the place because of the number of people waiting to eat there. So, you have to plan your day, and meals accordingly. Once you do get there, though, the rasam and the rice, and the chicken fry will solve all problems. 

In fact, we made an extensive list of must-try food from the 14 state bhawans of Delhi. You can take recommendations from here. 

Apart from food, which is great, as discussed, another amazing thing about the bhawans is that they offer food at much cheaper rates than even half-decent restaurants, and I like that most of these places are simple. That, of course, doesn’t work for people who want fancy ambiance, but if you are into unassuming spaces with quality food, bhawans, are going to be your deal.

Bhawans make Delhi richer by introducing the city to different cultures and cuisines, and this should be discussed more.  

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